Change log Nov 2019

New Features Nov
  • Allow manual Google location over ride in case location settings can not be changed using normal selection process. (eeb548c9)
  • Template editor has new setting to change the newline codes used between paragraphs. You can also use newline \r\n characters in the paragraph start + end tag boxes. (cf06b056)
  • You can set the time in seconds to wait between Google requests. A higher number will reduce the number of captchas used. (d3355e70)
  • Log tabs will wrap once it runs out of space on the window instead of disappearing. (cff48814)
  • Insert your custom content directly into the <%-body%> tag so that it can be auto wrapped in tags and also have the ability for links to appear inside the content. (5fed679b)
  • Add task count to the group name filter dropdown box in the Article Creator. (13ddad64)
  • Backup settings button added to quickly store scm.db, settings.json and related custom_content and content_cache. (c2f47eab)
  • Add button to copy urls to clipboard in URL finder. Now with url count. (b2200f1a)
  • Url finder can process a list of keywords in addition to a single keyword. (6dbd1ab5)
  • Choose either a single keyword or keyword file in the url finder tool. (2a681f60)
Bug Fixes
  • Article variations with links problem, causing links to not appear in some variations. (25039d4e)
  • URL finder window producing scroll bar when not needed. (936b9201)
  • Group names were not updating and filtering wasn’t working for article creator list. (79f81f33)
  • Changing the folder browser settings might cause a crash in the article creator etc. (77d0fd7e)
  • Clicking log copy button when its empty caused app to crash. (b4e72539)
  • Disallow negative numbers in input fields that would cause error. (df279667)
  • Google image search was returning invalid img urls. (3d124e16)
  • Writing assistant will use keyword as job name. (f4606117)
  • Accidentally showing JSON code textarea in image/video insert selection segments. (85e2b3e5)
  • Click to buy captchas will open in your default browser, not inside the SCM app anymore to fix any bugs that may cause. (6eacec58)
  • Remove any subheadings larger than 355 characters to remove potentially junk entries. (a07ca815)
  • No vertical scroll bar when only showing one task in article creator list. (d87ed9cd)
  • Article downloader toggle options wasn’t responding to clicks properly. (18ff8923)
  • Article downloader wasn’t processing translated text properly and adding ‘,’ inbetween new lines. (91c79d34)
  • Article creator wasn’t parsing google operators correctly when writing out keyword macro. (c17107a1)
  • Article downloader was ignoring the remove html css selector value when doing a test download. (fe2cdb1d)
  • Don’t auto save changes in list name for URL finder. (b91a3615)
  • Re-use filter url jobs when you click ‘retrieve urls’ button. (2660ed3f)
Other Changes
  • Add youtube link on how to use the override location settings. (c24df9ad)
  • Produce a warning error if you try to use a URL instead of a file in the article downloader. (29ed2656)
  • Added a slider to control min-max values instead of text boxes (2d7500bd)
  • Count changed to ‘Article Count’ (0c6557af)
  • Removed tooltips on the task row buttons as they cluttered the ui needlessly. The icons should be pretty self explanatory. (12f927aa)
  • New updated video for custom content because of feature change. (215611f6)
  • Increase task row refresh to 500ms down from 1000ms to improve UI snappiness. (12dcd9ab)
  • Made help text less verbose, removed some less helpful tips due to ui changes. (7d2cdb72)
  • Moved around ui elements on article creator keyword tab so it fits neatly on one screen. Moved filter url to custom content tab. (ec924e82)
  • Merge spinner + translator tab into main article settings page. Less clicks. (676a609f)
  • Rename image insert checkboxes to align left/right and added icons to make it visibly more distinct what it does. (db0de4cc)
Performance Improvements
  • You must now select any row in the task list to show its task log. Your task window will no longer auto open a new task tab for each task that runs. For big projects this will keep your UI screen clear. (9bc8b955)
  • Improved the update refresh speed of tasks in the UI. (ce991cf0)