What is spintax and how is it used?

What Is Spintax and What Is It Used For?

One of the most used content creation tactics is spintax.

Spintax, is actually more of an article generation technique than a creation of new articles. The term spintax is made by combining two words; ‘spinning syntax’.

Article spinning is an option used by those who need more articles on the same subject. Users of article spinning create different copies from an original article. The created copies are unique and get accepted by places you submit and are also picked up by the search engines.

Spintax is basically a format or structure. In a nutshell, Spintax is a format used by different article spinning software and directories to produce unique article copies.

What are the uses of Spintax?

Spintax is generally used as a means to one end, getting backlinks. The created articles offer a platform where you can fit anchor links getting back to your site. The spun articles can be sent to different article directories, blogs and review sites as well as being used on one’s blog or social media as new content.

How does spintax work?

At its core, spintax depends on the use of synonyms. The original sentence is provided variants which maintain the same meaning. Thus, a single sentence can result in a number of combinations each unique but still conveying one message.

This is best illustrated in an example;

Take the sentence: Editing your content is important

In syntax this becomes: {editing|reviewing} your {content|articles} is {important|essential}

This can easily become:

  • Editing your content is important
  • Reviewing your content is important
  • Editing your articles is essential
  • Reviewing your articles is essential
  • Editing your content is essential

The ellipses {} are used to mark the words or phrases that are to be spun. The pipe symbol| separates the words to be used. The spinning is not limited to words alone. You can spin phrases, full sentences, and even paragraphs.

What types of spintax are there?

The spintax kind and format decide how unique your copies become. As a result, there are different kinds of software out there which try to use a varied of formats.

For instance, you can have the words used set in different levels. Other software allow certain phrases to be optional therefore easily left out in some of the copies. However, it is advised the levels not to have more than 4 levels to avoid crashing the system.

How does one determine the spintax is unique?

Most spintax software use a spinning thesaurus to supply the synonyms. However, even after generating the copy articles, there is need to review them.

You can use online tools to check part of the articles exist online before using them.

Plagiarism checkers serve this purpose. The standard of uniqueness required is at least a return of 70% unique content from the plagiarism checker. The aim is 100% unique content.

The complexity of the spintax determines how many times you can resubmit the same article before part of it becomes duplicated.

Can you spin hyperlinks?

The very idea of spintax is to help you get backlinks, you do not want to leave behind the backlinks. Spinning the backlinks is done just like spinning words and phrases.

You only need to watch the format of the hyperlink or else you will have backlinks that do not work. Avoid using more lots of keywords and long URLs.