The #1 factor for higher Google rankings

TLDR: Its Backlinks

When talking about brand, we usually encounter factors to get visibility from search engines. People would ask how to get traffic to our website and rank in Google.

This question is not that easy to answer and it takes time for our web pages to rank because it includes a lot of things that builds your website content. It’s how search engines find you among other brands on the web.

Google as a lot of insights to help them analyze each site in order to get an overview that are influencing search engines for ranking websites.

By digging through Ahrefs etc this is what we discovered.

What you should know:

1. Backlinks matter. The top pages on Google, have the most backlinks pointing to them.

2. Pages that rank in the number one spot will have the most links compared to lower ranking pages.

3. About 1/3 off ranking pages used HTTPS.

4. Anchor text is an important ranking signal.

5. The ideal page title that mostly top ranked in Google are those with about 8 word length.

6. Pages with the keyword in the URL tends to rank higher .

7. Webpages that have shorter URLs tend to is ranking higher in Google than those who have longer URLs.

The more the backlinks = The higher the rankings

Backlinks is definitely one of the SEO’s most ranking factors equated with higher ranking. This is why most of the businesses are successful because they look for quality domains to link and build relationships.