How to build links using reviews and testimonials

Part of our content blogging is to have reviews and testimonials from other bloggers who have their experiences about specific topic online. We go through other blogs and forums looking for comments and reviews in which we can get ideas based on their thoughts regarding same things we have in common. Those ideas serve as an inspiration or guide for whatever content we can put in our own blog.

Testimonials and product reviews from other people will help us strengthen our beliefs about what we can offer or not to our target users. It also help not only our brands but for our SEO efforts to drive traffic in search engines.


The Advantage of Testimonials and Reviews

It is easy to make a product review and testimonials for a blog when you have a good content. People may find a blog interesting with an infographic on it. However, having reviews build trust in your blog that gets the link building from other high quality links stick on your website. Updating your content with reviews and testimonials make it fresh and easy to show on Google.

Search engines would know if the page has been updated, which gives it the chance to get indexed and ranked higher. Aside from that, bloggers who provide reviews or testimonials in your blog would have the opportunity to link to your website and get notified by other business websites.