Link Pyramid – SEO Strategy

What is Link Pyramid in SEO?

Link pyramid is the process of linking websites in a form of back linking structure pyramid. It is the most common strategy for link building. SEO specialist shall use pyramid link building for every specific web page.

Where to publish links to your website?

The link pyramid system has backlink web pages that are build from several resources.

Each resource of it has different categories or tier. It is started from the top until the very bottom categories in the pyramid.

Links from the tier 1 serves as the external link from the tier 2 and then it serves as the backlink of the tier 3 and so on. However not all links can be linked to one another. It needs to be matched with the content of your website so people would find it useful.

Find quality links from the most high ranking resources and that would help your website boost on top of search engines.

Building backlink pyramid

To start building backlink to your website, it needs a proper plan to make it.

At the top is your website (money site) where you put the link to other categories for ranking. The first web pages (tier 1) must be trustworthy and related to the topic of your content. Choose the best page or blog with the useful information that matches your website.

Create a very nice content for your pages in social platforms that will serve as the second category of links (tier 2).

The third category (tier 3) is considered to be the base of the pyramid and it was formed by the comments from blogs and forums in different social media networks.

Link Pyramid