A list of the most popular link building tools out there

Part of your link building efforts is to create a net of web 2.0 related sites that you control.

You use these web 2.0 properties to provide link juice to your money sites.

You can create these by hand, however that would take ages.

Here is a list of tools you can use to automate the creation of web 2.0 sites.

Note: I won’t really be providing indepth review, as the quality of these programs/sites does vary over time. Web 2.0 properties come and goes like the wind, the most important thing is to find a program that is updated VERY frequently.

In no particular order:


Price:  $99 lifetime
For: Windows desktop

This is probably the most popular link building tool out right now and for good reason.

However, its really complicated (there is like menus under menus with checkboxes and switches for you to tinker with) to get right and requires time to setup your proxies, emails and captchas. Of course… you need to invest in a VPS as well… you weren’t about to run it on your desktop right?

  • Once of lifetime price. Buy once, yours to keep. Updates are free.
  • Builds links to almost anything (Including blogs)
  • Requires proxies, catchall emails, captchas and a VPS to run effectively
  • You’ll want to master the ins and outs of this one to maximize your LPM (Links per minute)

Magic Submitter

Price:  $4.95 1st month trial; $67 each month after
For: Windows desktop

This is an interesting program. It does submissions etc but the best part of it is that you can create your own little bots that will create accounts and submit posts to any site you want.

Magic submitter comes preloaded with its own list of pre-built bots that create accounts and submits to a variety of sites. However, these aren’t updated all to frequently so you will be frustrated trying to get a 100% success rate on any run.

The BEST feature is that it has a UI based bot creator. You just click here and there and it records your actions. It requires zero programming knowledge to get started. It can be a bit fidgety but if you are willing to go off the beaten track you can create links to sites that aren’t spammed to death due to GSA SER.

  • Create your own bots
  • Success rate varies a lot
  • You will constantly have to tune your own bots as sites change etc

FCS Networker

Price:  $19-$89/month
For: Runs on your browser

If managing your own VPS, choosing a captcha service and finding a reliable proxy provider sounds like to much of a headache, you can use someone like FCS Networker.

They take care of everything and provide you with a service that runs on your browser.

You have to download their little account creator program, and signup to a captcha service but once done, it allows you to create accounts on the top most popular blogs and bookmarking sites.

How much you pay depends on how many post and bookmark submissions you do a month.

  • Creating sites as a service. You choose what sites to create and FCS Networker takes care of the rest.
  • Monitor success rate and create submission campaigns using your browser.
  • Can start to be pricey at upper tiers. You WILL eat up your submissions quota fast.
  • Campaign creator and submissions interface is slow and takes time to setup.


Price: $56.24 to $168.74 per year; $74.99 to $224.99 per month
For: Runs on your browser

Does what FCS Networker does.

Creates sites and posts to those sites using an online service.

Between the 2 I found FCS Networker support to have been more responsive.

Send both an email and choose the one that responds quickest to your questions.


Price: $49.99 a month (set to increase)
For: Runs on your browser

The newer kid on the block, does exactly what FCS Networker etc does.

Build sites and submits content to them but runs on their servers so you don’t have to manage that.

Users tend to flock from one service to a newer service as success rate goes up and down over time with any one service.


Price: $67 per month for SEnuke XCrLite; $147 month for SEnuke XCr
For: Windows desktop

Before GSA SER came and changed the landscape, this was the grand daddy of web 2.0 creators.

It was expensive! $147 a month, then you had VPS costs, proxies to add on and captchas to pay for.

They started offering a $67 product to be cost competitive, however there are other alternatives for cheaper that do more!

Without a doubt, the campaign creator was the most sought after feature.

Using a wickedly simple drag n drop creator you could create the most absurd multi-tier link building schema.

Then press Go and it would build it for you!

But for $67, you don’t get it!

  • Diagram designer! Create tiered link builds visually.
  • Quick start wizard, all you need is a keyword and Senuke will take care of the rest.
  • Expensive.
  • Stuck in time, misses out on newer sites that you can build links on.

Money Robot

Price: $67 / month; $497 one time fee software lifetime license
For: Windows desktop

When Senuke was dominating the market, many programs appeared and tried to emulate its success.

Most failed and disappeared.

Money robot seems to still be around.

When I tried it all the years back, the success rate wasn’t very good.

They have a 7 day trial, try it out and see what your success rate is before committing.

For the price, you could consider trying the lite version of SenukeXcr instead.

  • A cheaper (at the time of launch) copy of Senuke.
  • Success rate was iffy.

Ultimate Demon

Price: $47 monthly; $397* one-time fee
For: Windows desktop

Arguable when building bookmarks was all the range, ultimate bookmarking demon was the tool every had to get.

Ultimate demon builds links to more than just bookmarks now.

Its cheaper than its competitors, but the trend in the market is to go to cloud based services like FCS Networker etc.

Without at trial its a punt and inconvenience to request your money back.

Like all desktop based programs, you need to get VPS, proxies and catchall emails etc.

  • Cheapest desktop based site creator and submitter.
  • Well known for their bookmark building program.
  • No trial

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