SEO Content Machine Vs Competitors

It can be hard choosing the right tool for the job. Seo Content generators, article downloaders etc

Here are 3 areas that SEO Content Machine stand out compared to the others.

1. Multi language support

You can find, download and create content in any language! SCM was built for english, but it works with any language that uses letters. In fact, article downloading will work even work for asian languages like Chinese and Japanese.

SEO Content Machine comes pre-loaded with content sources for Spanish, French, German and Polish.

Check out our help doc ->

2. Automated task scheduling

All content tasks you create in SCM can be scheduled to repeat itself. For some of you it means you can do things like,

  • Find and download content automatically while you are away
  • Upload posts to your blog automatically every xx number of days etc

The scheduler supports a fairly sophisticated schedule, if you know CRON scheduling you know how to use SCM.

Additionally, after any task is finished you can even call an external process.

Now you can do things like, create articles into a folder and have a script to zip up the articles and ftp transfer it to another server.

3. Custom scraping sources

Most article downloaders come fix a fixed list of article directories.

Inevitably it means everyone is stuck going to the same places for content. * Think over used content *

However with SEO Content Machine, you can add your own custom sites!

Not only that, you can even query search engines to find content.

Find content from a site (eg blog or article directory) or find content from listings from a search engine.

Check out how this works ->

In other words

  1. You can find content in languages other programs cant
  2. You can set and forget tasks
  3. You can access content that no one else can

Interested? We even have a free 5 day no obligation trial!