April 2021 Changelog

========= April 30 2021 =========

  • fix: Paraphraser error message if IP isn't configured properly.

========= April 29 2021 =========

  • feat: New ‘Copy article output path' button added to task list for easy access to article location in usage with other scm tools.
  • feat: Article preview open command, automatically opens folder location to that of the current preview article.
  • fix: Image and video scraper crashes if you create new search before all preview images are loaded.
  • fix: Remove duplicate images from image scraper
  • fix: Handle RSS read errors without causing article creator task to stop.
  • fix: Dynamic web scraper will use the the final url if there are any redirections, instead of the starting provided url to generate filenames.

========= April 28 2021 =========

  • feat: Show original image size when using image scraper.
  • fix: SCM crashing when trying to calculate number of searches per hour, happens after program is left open for a long time.
  • fix: Show error if paraphraser IP settings was blank.
  • feat: Added link to email poster tutorial video.

========= April 26 2021 =========

  • feat: Add randomize lines to article preview lines menu.
  • feat: You can press enter in the search box to start video scraper search.
  • fix: Missing images no longer displayed in image scraper output.
  • feat: Video and image scraper have preview links to open original item in browser.
  • other: Added tutorial video for csv mail merge tool.
  • fix: mail merge, trim tokens before inserting into article.
  • fix: Once email poster has sent all posts, clear the next run time so it won't accidently restart the task.

========= April 25 2021 =========

  • fix: Google news not returning results.
  • feat: Add news as selection source for the writing assistant.
  • fix: Clear feedback box after msg is sent.
  • fix: Decrease space between image previews inside imager scraper.

========= April 23 2021 =========

  • feat: Save smtp details so that they are pre-filled when you create a new emailer task.
  • fix: Don't exit waiting for captcha solution if there is a simple timeout error.
  • feat: New send posts by email, eg wordpress, blogger etc.
  • fix: Editing and saving a post uploader task will reset the task and allow articles to be re-processed.
  • fix: Allow restart/resume for post uploader.

========= April 22 2021 =========

  • fix: Writing assistant report undefined when filtering titles.
  • feat: Article paraphraser for closed testing.

========= April 20 2021 =========

  • other: Add some extra logging when the article creator removes titles due to length restriction.

========= April 17 2021 =========

  • feat: Add find & replace tool inside article preview window.

========= April 16 2021 =========

  • fix: Google search not returning results.

========= April 12 2021 =========

  • feat: Article creator link tab, add count of urls and keywords.
  • other: Mark a warning if posts per day in post uploader is empty.

========= April 08 2021 =========

  • fix: Translator settings not loading in article creator.

========= April 07 2021 =========

  • feat: Show status in label when using image scraper.
  • fix: Tooltips didn't disappear when you used the play button.

========= April 06 2021 =========

  • feat: Article preview. Hovering over a link in html preview window will show the url of the link inside a small popup.
  • feat: Search image on ‘enter' key.

========= April 04 2021 =========

  • fix: Don't crash article creator if generated files list is empty.

========= April 02 2021 =========

  • fix: Software was showing trial for all versions.

========= April 01 2021 =========

  • feat: Added free images from to image scraper.