Mass article creator, updated AI writer workflow

The AI writer inside the mass article creator has been redone.

This was done because the previous setup required looking at properties split across 3 sections.

You had section count, section prompt and section string.

This made it hard to imagine what the final output should be.

Now its been condensed into just 2 blocks.

article creator

You have the option of writing a) Heading or b) Content.

The content block supports html syntax highlighting as well!

How to write AI prompts

To send a command to the AI, you need to surround your commands with [ ] in them.

Everything else is written to a file as is.

In the above example, you can see that commands are helpfully colored purple!

image 25

To indicate the new formatting, there is an example here to:

article creator


If you are running old article creator task, you must re-edit the task so that you can confirm the new settings.

Your old prompts are still available under ‘Deprecated prompts archive’.

article creator