August 2020 Changelog

========= August 28 2020 =========

  • fix: Post uploader limit title rendering to 127 characters.
  • feat: Allow setting number of posts per day in post uploader.
  • style: Use icons instead of text for all folder browser ui elements.
  • fix: Use word break on post uploader table so that large tag lines don’t cause layout problems.

========= August 26 2020 =========

  • fix: Fix 0 length file downloads from archive org scraper due to pages not being archived with body tag.
  • feat: Instagram inserts use article variations.
  • fix: Remove spintax codes from qna
  • fix: Remove spintax codes from appearing in tweets and insta embeds
  • fix: Scraped tweets not being processed into one line.
  • feat: QnA insert module uses article variations.
  • feat: Insert lists uses the article variations setting.

========= August 25 2020 =========

  • fix: Bing search failure will print screen shot to task log for debugging.
  • fix: Naked urls insert all variations at once.
  • feat: Added DisparaTusIngresos Spinner API
  • fix: article creator skip blank keywords

========= August 24 2020 =========

  • other: Reverse order of xml json post processing, reduce xml rpc retry.

========= August 22 2020 =========

  • other: Lower xml rpc retry to 2.
  • fix: XMLRPC posting was accidentally disabled. Also change order to try xmlrpc first when using post uploader.

========= August 21 2020 =========

  • fix: Ignore youtube answers.
  • fix: Correctly match answers to questions in google qna scraper.
  • feat: Display number of domains in blog manager, will change as you update filters etc..
  • feat: Delete all feature added to blog edit section of blog manager.
  • other: rename main wp – main wp import plugin.
  • feat: Randomize location of google maps embeds inside article.
  • fix: Don’t auto show blog manager modal.
  • fix: Add and delete post uploader functions not working.

========= August 20 2020 =========

  • perf: Infinite scroll for post uploader, will only display rows as you scroll down to improve intial load performance. Small update also for tasks lists.

========= August 19 2020 =========

  • perf: Change internal data structure of blogs being display in post uploader so that they can be processed quicker.
  • feat: debounce filtering for better performance in post uploader.
  • feat: Can check/uncheck all filtered blogs in post uploader.
  • feat: Can filter blogs in post uploader by url and group name.

========= August 18 2020 =========

  • feat: Add ‘wp with category’ template for those that want to use post uploader auto category feature.
  • other: Auto tags is default option in post uploader.
  • feat: You can paste a folder location into post uploader article folder textbox and it will update the preview window correctly.
  • other: Make article location box in post uploader bigger.

========= August 14 2020 =========

  • feat: Use content inserts for already generated articles. Add this option as toggle in the article settings page under ‘Insert Content Into Existing Articles’
  • other: Renamed insert questions and answers to (google only) to indicate it won’t work if you select bing.
  • feat: Add clear button to all directory browser ui elements.

========= August 13 2020 =========

  • feat: Infinite scrolling for article creator task list. Next will only display 30 rows at a time to speed up initial rendering, when you scroll to the bottom of the task list it will display another 30 rows.

========= August 12 2020 =========

  • fix: Performance update for task list. Once you had too many tasks added to db, update would cause UI to stutter. Stuttering has been fixed now.

========= August 10 2020 =========

  • fix: Better error loggin if you have errors using the JSON wp api.
  • fix: If source posts are missing or deleted, the upload poster will ignore them instead of printing an esoteric error message.

========= August 09 2020 =========

  • fix: Add a 360s timeout on captcha solve requests to server, that way tasks won’t fail from 1 hour wait link result error.

========= August 08 2020 =========

  • other: estimated unique and required setting rename to ‘create unique’ and ‘create exactly’ to more accurate reflect what the setting does.

========= August 07 2020 =========

  • feat: Apply translation to questions and answers
  • other: Display translation language in log message
  • feat: Article creator insert links top/bottom will make use of the count from-to settings. All links are placed on the same line.

========= August 06 2020 =========

  • fix: Add extra line breaks to questions when being inserted via writing assistant.

========= August 05 2020 =========

  • feat: All task start/stop links added on the left hand side of the already existing delete all task link.
  • fix: Wait for compact collection code to complete before restarting app.

========= August 04 2020 =========

  • feat: Add questions and answers as well as headings research into your articles when using writing assistant.
  • fix: Login fix for some users.

========= August 03 2020 =========

  • fix: Deselect translation language.

========= August 01 2020 =========

  • fix: Trim empty spaces in titles