August 2021 Changelog

========= August 31 2021 =========

  • fix: Article creator crash if using scraped image urls only.
  • fix: Deep merging caused links from one article creator project to be accidentally transferred to next running task, causing link missing errors.
  • perf: Switch paraphraser to use new load balanced IP.

========= August 28 2021 =========

  • other: Don’t reset your focus terms if you re-run the writing assistant content gathering step again.
  • feat: Help video for how to un spin a folder of articles added to spin-translate task window.
  • perf: Multi thread get image src calls in article creator to improve performance.

========= August 27 2021 =========

  • other: Free trial link for paraphraser added.

========= August 25 2021 =========

  • other: Disable proxies when accessing twitter and generic dynamic sites.
  • feat: Add article variables to article creator. Allow you to add variables to each keyword that can be used anywhere as %variable% macro. eg dog training URL=MYSITE.COM ALTKEYWORD=’crate training’ for macro %URL% and %ALTKEYWORD%
  • other: Remove paraphraser email message.

========= August 21 2021 =========

  • fix: Paraphraser returns original text if rewrite fails.
  • fix: Writing canvas shows spinning errors + cancel button.
  • feat: Article preview window shows spin status + cancel button.
  • feat: Article creator custom image and video inserts will be loaded from file instead of being cached.
  • other: Standardized casing on form labels.
  • feat: Report current balance before each paraphraser spin run.

========= August 20 2021 =========

  • fix: Remove corrupted spins from paraphraser.
  • fix: Paraphraser task is now multi threaded.

========= August 19 2021 =========

  • fix: Article creator keyword_random macro returning [object] instead of keyword text.
  • fix: Article paraphraser tool error about missing IP settings.
  • other: Article creator job runner will correctly deep merge task data so that tasks created on older versions of SCM will keep functioning.
  • fix: Article creator was not inserting custom URLs and custom alt tags.
  • fix: Article creator editor window not correct saving image custom url and alt tag properties.
  • other: Support paraphraser beta signups

========= August 18 2021 =========

  • fix: RSS scraper task not reading url file correctly.

========= August 16 2021 =========

  • feat: You can turn on/off proxies without clearing proxy list.
  • feat: In article creator you can save spinner api usage by limiting the number of sentences to be rewritten based on a max character limit.
  • fix: Migrate to newest chimp rewriter api.
  • feat: Remember if you turn on or off the article spinner when using article creator to make a new task.
  • fix: API get data not loading link url,keyword and alt tags into object data.

========= August 15 2021 =========

  • fix: API create article can sometimes overwrite or fail on 2nd time the code is called.
  • fix: Article creator image/video and heading custom files not loading properly using API etc.
  • fix: Article creator was unable to insert links.
  • fix: API get project data won’t crash if using ID from a duplicate task api call.
  • fix: API create article was crashing causing app to hang.

========= August 13 2021 =========

  • other: Wait 5 secs before restart SCM on update install.
  • fix: Fix google scraper returning multiple duplicate domain results
  • other: Rename import content to import paragraphs.
  • other: Better logging for paraphraser tool.

========= August 12 2021 =========

  • feat: Windows installer allows selecting the install location to another drive.

========= August 08 2021 =========

  • perf: Refactor 3rd party packages.

========= August 07 2021 =========

  • fix: Broken app
  • other: Cleaning up image scraping code, duplication leading to possible errors in article creator.
  • other: Correct html default template for the search and news article output template code.
  • fix: Warn if trying to save search and news if the css content selector is empty.
  • fix: Search and news not writing content, only title content to file.
  • fix: Google scraper not finding questions and answers.

========= August 05 2021 =========

  • feat: Add new link to which is a tutorial on how to use search operators.

========= August 03 2021 =========

  • fix: Bing search fallback not waiting for results.

========= August 02 2021 =========

  • fix: API create article returns [] for file properties as this correctly aligns with data requirements.
  • fix: Return error message if API post data didn’t send array when needed for properties ending in File, instead of causing crash.
  • feat: Article creator image insert, allow using both Google and custom image sources together.

========= August 01 2021 =========

  • other: Restyle login window.