Google maps scraper – Generating map embed codes

The Google maps scraper has received a new update.

Now it can generate an iframe embed that you can use anywhere on a html page.

There is a new setting now inside the task called ‘maps embed string’.


This string is used to generate your embed code.

You have 2 macro codes, name and address.

image 4

These are dynamically replaced when the task is run.

The embed code is very simple, all it does is a run query of place name + address to generate a shareable map embed.

You can customize the embed string to style the embed size and look.

For example: Change width or height to make the embed bigger or smaller.

image 5
Edit these lines

When you run the task you get a new column in the CSV file.

image 6

The code looks like this when previewed.

image 7
image 8