How many times can I re-use the same spun article?

By creating a spun article you can re-use it a number of times before it is no longer unique.

The more deeply spun it is the more you can use it.

If I have an article of xxxx words that are spun at the word level/sentence level and or paragraph level how many times can I submit it to my site before I should stop using it?

Why we spin content

We take 1 article and spin it so that it creates unique variations each time a spun copy is taken. 

The more we spin it (deeply) the more theoretical variations we can have before the same content in the article appears twice.

The more times we re-submit the same article with exactly the same content the higher the chance it will be marked as duplicate content and is removed from the search engine cache and thus you lose link juice.

Is there a limit to the number of times we should use an article?

Theoretically Yes.

It is possible to figure out mathematically how many copies we can generate from 1 spun article.

However this doesn't really help us.

Why maths don't matter

The biggest problem is the way almost all SEO programs work with spintax.

It will always return a random article with variations chosen randomly.

The opposite is a smart program that calculates if that variation has been used and discards it, to create a truly OPTIMAL set of variations from your original article.

Thus, you have a problem, the SEO program will take a copy and it could be entirely possible (but not necessarily probable) that it generates exactly the same 2 articles.

Which is bad.

We can obviously lower the probability of this happening by nesting our spins.

Another way to look at it

You can avoid this problem entirely by forcing your content generation process to create articles without the spintax in it.

Instead generate each article as a simple plain text article that you know has content that isn't being used twice in any other article.

Then use each article ONLY once.

Eg: In SCM article creator, set variations to 1, Article count to MAX. This way, SCM will ensure the generated articles will be unique to each other.

Optionally, set folder output to “Folder – No Spintax” to ensure that even if the content is spun, a unique variation is generated.

If this isn't possible the only other way is to just keep using the spun article until you are able to discover that it starts to appear as “Duplicate content” in the search engines.

If you are able to track your article submissions for index rate in search engines, you will have real numbers to tell you if the spun article is starting to get overused.

Things to think about

  • Search engines don't only look at content to determine if content is unique or not. I believe URL, site theme etc makes a difference.
  • The more you nest your spins, you lower the chance of the same 2 articles having the same content. However, as most SEO programs just randomly choose variations, you are hoping that it won't choose the same variations twice.
  • Unless you ACTUALLY track article submission rates and SE indexing stats, you won't ever have an accurate picture if the spun article you are using is overused.
  • There are numbers that tell you the total number of permutations that are possible based on how deeply you nested your spins. Theoretically this tells you how many times you can re-use the same spun article before it is overused… However in reality, no SEO program will ever accurately create every single permutation for you any way.