How to automatically create content for your tier 2 and 3 links

I suggest users that SCM is best used to generate content for your link building programs.

This means content for your tier 2 and 3 platforms.

For your money sites and tier 1 sites, I recommend *highly* that you hand write content or pay someone to do so.

Real users will come to your sites, if the content is rubbish then they won’t get much value out of it and you won’t make any money like that (unless the strategy is to force your readers to click on ad links).

For tier 2+ you should use the article creator located on the app menu.

This will be a quick walk through.

Article creator

When you first open up SCM it takes you to the app menu. The first tool is the “Article Creator”.

If you are new to SCM the content wizard is a quick 10sec wizard to get you generating content now.


Enter your keywords and select an article to generate

article type

Your keywords are used to find content/images/videos/keywords. You can use multiple related keywords. Limit the choice to 2-3 keywords.

Select your article count.

If you just want 1 large article with all the content on one page, set the paragraph count to 9999. The article creator will never re-use the same paragraph when creating an article.

The export type makes a difference.

If it is available, select the export template that exists for your link building program.

SCM ships with templates for programs like GSA SER, RankerX, FCS Networker and SENuke.

If your program doesn’t have a template, you can use the “article” or “HTML” template as a generic way to create articles.

Article sources

article sources

On first install the article creator will look to Google for content. This is great for the majority of users and is required if you are working with small micro niches where content is scarce.

Advanced users will want to try adding and selecting custom sources.

You can find content that is more relevant that way.

Don’t forget you can:

  • Use articles stored on your hard drive
  • Use snippets from the ArticleBuilder service
  • Use copyright free PLR content from Big Content Search (Don’t steal others content )

Custom Content

custom content

You can insert and use your own content if required.

Titles and categories can be set to use your own content, or by default you can rely on SCM to find and generate it for you.

If you want to insert the same paragraph content into all your articles (eg aff links, article footers or anything you need inserted) you can do this on the custom content tab here.

The others:

You can insert links/images/videos as well.

However the tabs covered today are the bare minimum to setup a simple article generation.