How to automatically insert image links in an article

The mass article creator can be used to automatically insert image links into new or existing articles.

Images are either found via a search or you can even upload your own images.

Links are fully customizable and the image tag can also be customized.

Insert image link can be found under Links in the article creator:

 image links

How to add image links

Click add a new link

 image links

Find the link insert type dropdown > select insert as image link

 image links

Edit your link url and keywords in the top part of the links form

 image links

You can see the tag output of the image link inside the properties box below inside Link Location

 image links

By default SCM will insert an image link inside a figure tag.

SCM automatically sets the width and randomizes it for you using spintax code.

The width will be 400-409px.

How to set the image source

You will need to edit the image source inside content inserts > images section

 image links

Make sure to set insert anywhere to 0-0 to disable normal image inserts as well if you only need image links.

Everything under Image Source is used by the image link inserter.

 image links

You have 5 images sources, and 3 image types.

The final output!

The output when run looks like this

image 7
 image links