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How to remotely control your content creation

SEO Content Machine comes with a simple to use (but powerful) API interface.

With it you can:

  1. Retrieve any existing content from any article creator task
  2. Use an article creator task as a “template” and duplicate it with different keywords

All this done remotely via a HTTP API.

You can try out this API right now in your browser. Just run SCM first, then navigate to http://localhost:8000/test (Assuming the port is not taken)

Imagine being able to access your content & even create new articles remotely without having to touch SEO Content Machine.

Check out the API

SEO Content Machine api is documented with code samples here: http://seocontentmachine.com/api-docs/

You can:

  • Test the API
  • Discover what article creator tasks you have created
  • Grab cached content from any creator task
  • Schedule up new tasks using any existing task as a template

The API uses simple web GET/POST requests and results are returned using a simple JSON format.

Because the API is hosted on your own computer, there are ZERO usage limitations. You own the content 100%.

SCM Over the Wire

If you know how to port forward, it is entirely possible to run the API over the internet.

Just make sure you run it on random port for security reasons.

This means you can host SCM on a VPS, then drag the content from it anywhere over the world.

As more link building programs are adding SCM API support, it means you don't need to worry about dreaded text files when trying to get enough content to run your campaigns.