How to scrape youtube videos

Need a list of youtube videos or ids for your next content project?

SCM allows you to easily find videos by keyword, username or even by the channel ID.

The scraper is available in the article creator.

All options are visible under the video tab.

Youtube scraper

You must set the from count bigger than 0, otherwise the article generator will assume you don't need videos and skip over scraping for them.


Keyword -> Will use the current article keyword to do a simple search for videos

Username -> Will find videos for a specific youtuber

Channel -> Just insert the channel ID. Eg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq38rrmOn2hv5MirZGhNglQ
Just use the section in bold.

SCM scrapes the youtube IDs.

You can decide how it gets used.

Inserting videos


The article generator will allow you to insert videos in an iframe, embed or as a straight youtube link into any article.

Just need Ids?

Run the article creator at least once, and you can access the content cache to get the IDs.