How to filter out irrelevant content

If you are using many keywords to scrape content filter, finding and keeping only the content that is relevant can be difficult.

The first step is to select the correct content sources. For most users this means just selecting a Google region.

If you select an article directory, and it doesn’t contain content for your keyword, most times it will return irrelevant content instead of no content.

The next line of defense is to use the junk filter.

Using the junk filter

The easiest way to filter out content is to use the junk filter.


Inside the article creator/generator under the article sources tab there is a junk filter pop out box.

  1. Enter any word in there and if content contains that word it will be removed.
    Eg. If scraping for dog training, enter “cat”. SCM will remove any content that contains “cat”.
  2. Enter a word and add a “+” symbol in front. Content that DOESN’T contain this word will get removed.
    Eg. If scraping for dog training, enter “+dog”. This ensures content must mention that word.

Usage examples

Use the +word filter to quickly and effectively find relevant content

Use the normal word filter to remove competitor names etc

Finding content in your language

You can also use the +word filter to remove content not in your language you are targeting.

If you need help with multi language support don’t be afraid to send us an email.