How to use SCM Chat AI to automate mass article creation

With the new Chat AI widget, its even easier to use all AI in a simple workflow with the article creator.

If you want to generate xx number of articles from a list of AI generated titles, this is the break down tutorial for you!

Generate your titles with SCM Chat AI

First thing we need are article titles.

Pop open the Chat AI widget and ask it for titles.

Chat AI

With a list of titles, we are going to use them to auto generate articles for each title.

Create a mass article task with Chat AI

Create a new Article Creator task.

Chat AI

Paste the list of titles into the keyword box.

Chat AI

Clean up the titles by removing the ” and empty lines.

Or you can try a modified prompt to tell it to remove the ” like so.

give me 5 titles about resident evil 4 without surrounding it in " symbol
Chat AI

The AI is very capable, so you might have to engineer your prompts to massage the right output.

Enable mass article creator Chat AI Writer

Our article keywords are now titles.

So we must edit the default AI Writer prompts too.

1. Clear the heading prompt (we are providing it)

2. Use the following prompt

[write an article without a heading about %keyword%. Use html tags like <p></p> and <h2></h2>]

3. Set article count to 1

Verify your setup looks like this image.

Chat AI


  • We are using titles as keywords, so we don't need AI to generate a heading anymore
  • We need to replace <h1> macro with %keyword% so it uses the title
  • I edited the prompt to remove mention of %heading% macro since its not being used
  • Set article count to 1, you can have more as you like however each article has the same title.

Adding scraped content? Yes or No?

If you believe Google can detect AI content or the AI is not capable of really writing about your title, you can increase the relevance of article content by adding some downloaded content online.

Change this slider.

Chat AI

You can select between a range of 2 numbers, how many paragraphs of scraped content is added to the AI generated article.

Don't forget to set download results limit above as well in content source if needed!

Chat AI

NB: You might need add downloaded content if you are writing about content that is newer than the chat AI has knowledge of.

Insert things

You can go ahead and add links, custom content, images etc… as required to your article.

Chat AI

Run the task!

With everything ready just hit RUN.

Check the progress of the task in the log window.

You know its working if you see this:

Chat AI

The file written to our hard drive.

Once the task is complete find the preview button to have a look at the output.

image 24

A perfect article that uses our title and generated content to fit it.

Chat AI

All automated.