Link Building Tools for 2017

Ranking #1 in Google can be as easy as using some automated link buildings tools.

What exactly do link building tools do?

See below for the 5 most popular tools link building tools in 2017.


[browser-shot url=”http://rankerx.com/documentation/” width=”600″ height=”450″]

What to expect from this tool?

Fully automated – a state of the art SEO software that can automatically post content of your website.

Lots of high authority sites – Tired of expecting high quality sites post promised by SEO marketing software? Its not real and the links are not really quality.

Very high success rates – Guarantees the highest success rate from its content being submitted to the high quality targeted websites.

Schedule your work – It has an integrated scheduler that set your work with just the initial configuration, schedule and let the tool do the rest for you.

Magic wizard – Following all the information needed then hit start. Enjoy, sit back and relax. Let the magic begins.

Huge integration of third-party services – It supports all the major service providers like spinning, indexing, captcha, solving article creation and more. Name it and will bring it to you.

Design your own link scheme – Using built-in web-based diagram designer to create your own link building scheme or use predefined schemes and use them in our magical wizard.

Support latest updates of google recaptcha – Secure and keep captchas very well which avoids higher cost and lower success rates.

Modern web 2.0 interface – This tool is a mobile app, which can easily be used through browsers, install  anywhere on gadgets like mobiles, tablets, etc.

Link to tool : http://rankerx.com/

No Hands SEO

[browser-shot url=”http://nohandsseo.com/” width=”600″ height=”450″]

What is No Hands SEO?

The first fully automated backlinking tool – This tool will let you have an easy backlinking to different quality websites. It will help you improve your ranking in search engines with just 3 information to start generating. Once it was properly set up, it will run forever to build backlinks.

What makes it so special? It is the easiest backlinking tool but is customisable so you are free to control every aspect of the tool. Since it is automated, you can just hit the press button and let it work for you.

How it works – This tool will find keywords for you from the related niche and build links back to you. It will work endlessly as it promote your site by its backlinks to other web 2.0 sites. It works quick and continuosly find targets.

Does it really work? Since it was released in 2011, there are lots of reviews which made Google on first page with this tool used for back linking. You can see positive reviews and comments about this tool on different social media and forums.

Senuke TNG

[browser-shot url=”http://www.senuke.com/tng41AE/” width=”600″ height=”450″]

SEO automation at its finest

This advanced link building tool started in 2008, place the links in different locations, easy to manipulate and increase high volume of high ranking sites.

Crowd Searcher – produce thousand of people to search for your keywords that help boost traffic to your site.

Built in proxies – This tool reproduce thousand of proxies from around the world without paying external proxy servers.

Blog network module – Maintain PBN

Built in OCR – It solves almost half of the captchas without the need of human help unlike other tools, which still be needing human intervention.

Loop mode – This help your campaign to keep running on different sites as long as you wanted. It would be your choice whether you stop it or keep it going.

Super Fast Turbo Wizard – It has a wizard that help you setup all your campaigns.

Powerful Scheduler – You wouldn't be worry because it has an auto scheduler on when you want your campaign to be posted, as many as you can while leaving for a vacation.

Step by step wizard – It provides easy steps on how to get through this tool.

Easy to use interface – The software has an easy to understand interface to make the users feel comfortable and easy to manage campaigns.

Doing local SEO? It has a feature with Google place that lets google know your local places which also help in SEO.

Powerful Macro Recorder – No need of coding for this automated link which the software provides from any websites on the internet.

Promotion Strategy Mapper – It has a diagram that tell the software about how you plan or choose among the given strategies.

Link to the article : http://www.senuke.com/tng41AE/

Ultimate Demon

[browser-shot url=”http://ultimatedemon.com/” width=”600″ height=”450″]

SEO link building helps your website performs much higher with its quality links integrated to you. It cannot be done in a small period of time. It needs effort for the someone who is building it. With this tool, link building would be very easy, simple and easy to manage which increase traffic that you don't have to an SEO expert. It works all for you.

Here are some features of UltimateDemon

Multiple Platform Supported where you can submit your content to different sites like

  • Web 2.0 Sites
  • Wiki Sites
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Video Sites
  • Article Directories
  • Web Directories
  • Press Releases
  • RSS Directories
  • Document Sharing Sites

Link Tree – Due to the continuous changing of SEO's algorithm, you need to be smart with your linking strategies. Link tree helps to achieve your most engaging sites from its different levels or like a pyramid.

Speedy Submission – With its auto submission feature, your content would be as fast as it can deliver them from different sites like working around a clock.

Seamless Submission Process – This allows you to create and submit your content to other social sites independently, no need to wait confirmation, no activation emails and no verification of accounts. Create and send submit content as long as you want.

Visual Aid – Supports hands free submission services for captchas.

Add your own sites – This tool lets you add own sites with different scripts and it automatically detects which sites to link to which help in your SEO rankings.

Scraper – It auto detects and check what script has been used from the linked sites. The tool has its allowed scripts and it will discard any site which is not in the provided given scripts as mentioned.

Privacy Protection – It helps your personal details secured with this feature.

Article spinning and rewriting – With this built in feature, you would not worry about duplicate penalties anymore. This tool will create thousands of unique versions of your content and submit them to different sites.

Live Link Checker – This feature can detect whether you links you have thrown are still active or not.

Detailed Site Scan – With this detailed scanner, it allows you to know how reliable your sources are. Site scanner is able to check your Alexa ranks. web trust, page rank and IP address.

Auto Pinging – Live links from article submission process will be added to the ping queue which automatically pinged to minimize the length of time the search engines crawl your site.

Scheduler – You can choose the best date and time to submit your content to different social sites.

Human Speed Simulation – This feature reduce the submission speed to get a higher success rate and simulate a human like submission behavior.

Proxy servers support – You can add your own proxy servers with each account assigned a dedicated proxy. This feature will help your sites allowed by search engines to have multiple SEO link building without your IP address being banned.

100 percent socket – This software doesn't use Internet Explorer for submission.

Auto sites update – It automatically helps update new sites for you without being reinstalling the software.

Link to the article : http://ultimatedemon.com/


[browser-shot url=”https://search-engine-ranker.gsa-online.de/” width=”600″ height=”450″]

You used to create manual backlinks to your site and submitting them to different websites, here with GSA, you can be at ease that it automatically work for you. Assuring the best high quality back links to your sites. It also checks and reviews that its properly set up and linked to your site so you wouldn't have to worry that the software you paid for is cheating on you. It also finds new targets whenever there are new high ranking sites, and it will works ij submission automatically for you.

You are not limited to submit one website at a time. You can define as many projects as you like and all get submitted at the same time.

Link to the article : https://search-engine-ranker.gsa-online.de/

Build The Highest Quality & Most Effective Links!

[browser-shot url=”https://www.fcsnetworker.com/” width=”600″ height=”450″]

When we heard of link building, there it comes web 2.0 sites and social media. Link building is the process of linking your post and blogs to other high ranking sites to gain traffic. FCS Networker gives your site control over link building & web promotion while other products don't. The tools users rank thousands of sites on Google's first page.

It has the following functions which will help your website increase PR and social engagement.

Submit – Automatically submits your content and promotion to different sites

Schedule – it has a feature that lets you to set a scheduled post to all social networks

Network All – The tool helps you organize and group your accounts the way you like and have unlimited sub networks.

Link to the article: https://www.fcsnetworker.com/

AllSubmitter – SEO Software To Dominate Web Rankings On Google, Yahoo & All Major SE’s!

[browser-shot url=”http://www.webloganalyzer.biz” width=”600″ height=”450″]

This AllSubmitter software helps you submit your content to hundreds of web directories on the internet. It has features which helps you analyze your keywords and gives you ideas of the best keywords to use. It also helps you find the best niche you belong. Your position on search engines is also monitored as it gives you the current ranking on search engine results pages. For your onpage SEO, this helps you to quickly edit your meta tags and and links to other websites when it is needed.

The following are the other features of the tool

Backlink analysis

Email Management


Analyze Competitors

Rewrite content for competitors

Link to the article : http://www.webloganalyzer.biz/

Argo Content Generator

[browser-shot url=”https://argo-content.com/” width=”600″ height=”450″]

With this powerful software, your business can be at ease to have a quality website without the help of web developers or web designers. This will help you achieve an outstanding website with SEO build pages with quality content content. Argo content generator comes with article scraper and auto spinner. That means you don't have time to mess building your website and optimizing it at the same time. This software works both with these process at the same time.

Basically its a content generator which allows you to create multiple pages and can choose hundreds of free themes for your web designs. It has a feature that helps your content check its quality over other pages on the internet. It also helps your website increase ranking on search engine results pages. With the content generator you are even able to create articles for article directories to increase traffic. Don't waste time by creating websites the traditional way, do it the blackhat way!

Link to the article : https://argo-content.com/

Article Builder

[browser-shot url=”http://articlebuilder.co/” width=”600″ height=”450″]

Article builder generate articles using a large database of old-style Private Label Rights (PLR) articles and a built in spinner. You will not worry on having your articles with same copies anymore which is not good in ranking your website. With this article builder, your content can be as unique as you want it to be. Each article is built by weaving together snippets to build an article based on your category and subtopic choices. It produces high quality articles within your given keywords and topics.

Article Builder is also next generation auto blogging tool. It can be configured to automatically post related graphics and attractive videos that help attracts users which helps in good ranking. Keyword tags are automatically added to each post as well. You can have a very unique content in each of your post with its super spun content. This is every important when building links to rank in search engines.

Link to the article : http://articlebuilder.co/

Article Marketing Robot

[browser-shot url=”http://www.articlemarketingrobot.com/” width=”600″ height=”450″]

Article Marketing Robot is very popular and most talked about SEO tool in the internet. The software has its feature which helps in your article marketing submission, easy managed resource profile and schedule content submission. Since it was called as robot, it helps your web content to double its work or even make it faster with the help of these key features. It has a back linking feature which ultimately send your posts to different social sites automatically.

Article marketing is a fundamental concept of Search Engine optimization. However, not all agrees with that.

Article Marketing Robot is a completely an automated backlink building tool which help drive traffic to your website and get you on top of the search engine pages. This would be possible with the powerful backlinks from different article directories.

This powerful tool will get the most out of the articles that you write. It help your content to be submitted, check for the quality of the content, then rewriting them to improve your posts, and then resubmitting them.

Link to the article : http://www.articlemarketingrobot.com

Backlink Booster (BB)

[browser-shot url=”https://www.linksmanagement.com/backlink-booster/” width=”600″ height=”450″]

If you cannot create your manual link building strategy, then you can get help from a free software. Backlink Booster is a free software which help your backlinks automatically created and submit to different directories. all you have to do is install the software, run it on your computer and your website will quickly rank, indexed and drive traffic resulting to more money.

This software is as easy as pasting your domain name to the field. If you have few websites, just add several domains and it starts to create backlinks for your web resource. The software makes backlinks of your content on the webpages with good ranking, social networks and websites catalogues. Its just one click and it automatically creates for you a lot of backlinks publications which increases your rankings on search engine results pages. It has a scheduling feature which you can just your time to create effective promotion strategy within your time setting schedule. The Internet technologies can save not only your time but also your finances.

Link to the article : https://www.linksmanagement.com/backlink-booster/

Backlinks Index Express (BIE)

[browser-shot url=”http://newlook4you.com/uncategorized/backlink-index-express-bie-on-fiverr/” width=”600″ height=”450″]

This method of SEO will enable you to get weblog website traffic. This will get high quality free edu backlinks. Once your website gets high quality links from authority websites they can get edu backlinks free of charge. The search engines are looking for trusted websites and once your weblog gets hyperlinks from high authority websites, then spiders will crawl and find trust on your websites.

Backlink Index Express will help your sites gets high quality backlinks, higher PageRank that will results to your website being high authority over other websites.

Link to the article : http://newlook4you.com/uncategorized/backlink-index-express-bie-on-fiverr/