How to customize image insert code

Starting with newer versions of SCM you can now customize the image source that is inserted into your articles.

Previously SCM would only insert HTML images, now you have full control on what is inserted.

Useful if you need to insert images in BBCODE etc or formats for a specific program.

Custom Image String

The setting is in the image tab inside the Article Creator.


The image string is what SEO Content Machine will insert into your article anytime it tries to insert an image.
The string can be in any format and even contain spintax.

If the image string is blank, then SCM will use its internal default HTML image string.


There are a couple of important macros as well. A macro is string starting and ending with the %% symbols.

The description of each macro is as follows:


The float string sets where the image will appear in the article. This macro is generated from the images settings and sets if the image will appear to the left/middle/right of text.

float settings

This is a HTML only macro. Example output will be:

class=’alignleft’ style=’float:left;margin-right:10px;’

The ‘alignleft’ class is also inserted automatically for you and will be used in wordpress Blogs.


The image URL can be sourced from Google or Creative Commons automatically using your article keyword. You can also provide your own list of URLs.

The urls provided in the Image Url section is inserted using the %url% macro.

image url


The width of the image is drawn from the width setting shown below.

imag size

Note that SEO Content Machine will automatically randomize the width of the image +/- 10px so that it doesn’t leave a footprint.


The macro inserts alt tags.

The alt tags are either automatically generated for you or you can customize what is inserted.

alt tags