March 2021 Changelog

========= March 31 2021 =========

  • fix: Insert page redirects at the end of pages.
  • feat: Article preview can translate content.

========= March 28 2021 =========

  • fix: Remove blank line at top of url results when copying them from url finder.

========= March 27 2021 =========

  • feat: Push duplicated tasks to top of list if possible.

========= March 23 2021 =========

  • fix: Hard block some generic cookie text from being used as recommended keywords.
  • fix: Writing articles would fail mid way in article creator with no error message.

========= March 22 2021 =========

  • feat: Allow displaying plain text files without HTML code with formatting inside article preview window.

========= March 19 2021 =========

  • perf: Removed file name logging in article inserter mode so that it can process your files faster without slowing down to write log to ui.
  • fix: Content insert mode will correctly insert content at top of article. Before it would treat first line as title, and only insert top content under the first line. Now it will always insert at the top.
  • feat: Writing assistant remembers the content you are writing and saves it between sessions.
  • fix: Google not returning questions and answers.
  • fix: Correctly detect and count cyrillic characters in writing assistant editor.

========= March 17 2021 =========

  • fix: Article creator adding incorrect keywords to title.

========= March 16 2021 =========

  • feat: Add youtube link to ‘how to insert content into existing articles’

========= March 15 2021 =========

  • fix: Only select whole words when trying to replace original keyword with a contextual link inside article creator.
  • fix: Links not being inserted if there was blank lines in the article.
  • fix: Preserve new lines in content inserter.

========= March 14 2021 =========

  • fix: Correctly add ‘combine’ suffix to the file extension only.
  • fix: Set default to correct updated soft spin name.
  • fix: Display error message if unable to open folders using system.
  • style: Red icon color on stop button to make it more visible.
  • feat: Allow duplicate task button for all tasks.
  • feat: Contextual play/resume/stop buttons for all tasks. If your task has stopped with an error but can be resumed, a resume button will show. A restart task button has also been added.
  • feat: Dynamic web scraper gets new folder naming options as well.

========= March 13 2021 =========

  • feat: Static article downloader will save files with domain and path info into folder structure via macros.

========= March 12 2021 =========

  • other: Big box notification for trial login link.
  • other: Rename soft spin to soft spinner english (free).
  • fix: Don’t crash if unable to parse website for content (max call stack error)

========= March 10 2021 =========

  • fix: Translator clamping all requests to under 4500 characters including counting non word characters.
  • fix: Allow deselect language in webji and lingvanex translation.
  • fix: Article creator was shuffling keywords leading to main keyword not being used first in template codes.

========= March 07 2021 =========

  • fix: Fix not being able to translate to multiple languages via webjit

========= March 06 2021 =========

  • fix: Translator from not saving in some tasks.
  • other: Article creator contextual links insert will look at whole paragrapghs to find replacements if it can for the keyword. Setting 0-0 will allow scm to skip the link if it can’t find a suitable replacement.
  • feat: Webji Translation (BETA) translator added.

========= March 05 2021 =========

  • other: Better cache log messages in article creator.
  • feat: Report broken spintax warnings to article creator task log.
  • fix: UI won’t crash if quickly changing between task lists due to tablesort error.
  • fix: Article creator wont crash if insert contextual link word count value is 0-0.
  • feat: Tasks are locked from editing if they are running.
  • other: Mark tasks as aborting… if needed.
  • fix: Post uploader will only replace the first tag instance in an article when trying to detect titles, instead of removing all tags.

========= March 04 2021 =========

  • fix: Empty _text errors from using news.
  • feat: Added RSS content insert to the article creator.

========= March 03 2021 =========

  • fix: Article creator will pass sub keywords into article forge instead of creating a new article for each keyword.
  • fix: Article creator twitter content inserts are returning results again.
  • other: Trim titles that have been filtered by custom regex in article creator.

========= March 02 2021 =========

  • fix: Article creator correctly reloads your custom titles/sub headings even when using cached content.
  • other: Tweak content finder algo to ignore script code like content.
  • fix: Regenerate paragraphs even if using cache in article creator.
  • feat: New macro %keyword_random% will return random keyword from your keyword list in article creator.
  • other: Use larger images when doing BING image search.
  • fix: Will add unique identifier to filenames if required when using static web scraping tool.

========= March 01 2021 =========

  • fix: Remove unused files from the ‘all keywords in articles’ process. Also report the number of combined files created.