October 2020 Changelog

========= October 31 2020 =========

  • feat: Can insert news snippets into articles via article creator.
  • other: Removed some dead code in qna insert.
  • feat: You can customize the youtube insert string inside article creator. Old youtube insert settings embed/iframe/link have been retired as they are no longer needed. Youtube width also removed as its inside the insert string.
  • fix: Add back misc shortcuts for OSX app, ie minimize.
  • other: Leave a message if there are no .txt posts found when using post uploader/
  • style: Add yellow background if you are using row filters ie Task filter.
  • other: Changed number of sentences in paragraphs to 2 – 7. Bigger range in size of paragraphs.
  • fix: Youtube wasn’t returning results.
  • fix: Google scraper was accidentally using QnA results instead of SERPs when scraping content.
  • feat: Local search results for Google using UULE parameter. Just enter canonical place name next to country/language options in all tasks that have Google support in the app.

========= October 30 2020 =========

  • fix: Shuffle order of headings in table of contents, so its not always the same.
  • fix: Force title case on AF generated titles.
  • fix: Unable to open folder.
  • fix: Newly created template files would always cause combine articles function to fire.
  • fix: Don’t scrape images if no links are being inserted in article creator.

========= October 29 2020 =========

  • feat: Remember the last used spinner in article creator when creating new tasks.

========= October 28 2020 =========

  • other: Update app engine to newest available for security and performance.

========= October 27 2020 =========

  • fix: Better log messages when errors occuring during parse links.
  • fix: Instagram embeds now use iframes as old api was discontinued.

========= October 26 2020 =========

  • fix: Don’t uppercase inbetween accented letters when coverting to title case eg: French titles.

========= October 23 2020 =========

  • other: Updated the article creator keyword video link to newest video in youtube.
  • feat: article creator will use creative commons automatically now.
  • feat: Added creativecommons as another source of images in the image scraper.
  • fix: JSON LD editors not loading.

========= October 22 2020 =========

  • feat: Image scraper has option to only find images with creative commons license.
  • other: small text in download notification about backups being made.
  • feat: In settings menu, you can tell SCM if you want to use XML RPC first before the JSON API when uploading posts to a WordPress blog.

========= October 21 2020 =========

  • feat: Added tutorial video for how to use and configure the insert image link function.
  • feat: Added tutorial link for keyword combiner.
  • style: Stack text boxes horizontally inside the keyword combiner to save sapce.
  • fix: Validation check for Store images value textbox in settings.
  • feat: Added left hand text navigation menu so that you can quickly navigate to content inserts, instead of scrolling down the list to find it.

========= October 19 2020 =========

  • fix: Better error message if content inserter is unable to find article folder, or if setting is incorrectly configured.
  • fix: Article creator would crash if you didn’t select a folder when enabling the content insert feature.
  • fix: Article preview window won’t crash if folder is missing.
  • feat: Add another %data% token to keyword combiner.
  • feat: Article forge content can be translated automatically by SCM.

========= October 17 2020 =========

  • feat: Can insert image links.

========= October 16 2020 =========

  • style: Removed SCM logo from left and menu to leave more space for menu items.
  • fix: Add some space at bottom of main left menu so that you can scroll down to contact us.
  • feat: New keyword combiner tool.

========= October 13 2020 =========

  • feat: Google maps has insert chance.

========= October 11 2020 =========

  • other: Add youtube link to image scraper video.

========= October 08 2020 =========

  • style: Made text boxes larger in API Logins window. Also moved AF to its own segment.
  • fix: Add sentences to content pool if you use Article Forge.

========= October 07 2020 =========

  • fix: Continue to next article generation if AF fails instead of hard exit.

========= October 06 2020 =========

  • feat: Request titles from AF articles as well.
  • style: Remove styling of images set as WP featured, instead it will use default style options given in settings.
  • fix: Allow more accurate rendering of html in article preview tool.
  • other: Format the default qna insert string.
  • other: Default subheading insert count increased to 2-3
  • fix: Featured image size has been reduced to 150px so that text can flow around it.
  • other: Insert WP featured image will ignore image count range, if selected it will be an additional image.
  • other: Removed content insert image – insert at end option.
  • fix: Remove chance of sub headings being inserted at the end of articles.
  • other: Video inserts top/end will insert an additional video, instead of using the count setting.

========= October 05 2020 =========

  • fix: Drop timeout when accessing scm api.
  • feat: Added article forge as content source in article creator.

========= October 04 2020 =========

  • fix: Update captcha code to fix some new errors.

========= October 03 2020 =========

  • fix: Captcha breaker was failing with 404 errors.

========= October 02 2020 =========

  • feat: You can enable article forge download in the article creator keyword tab.
  • fix: Javascript insert chance not saving.
  • fix: Insert js/html not returning paragraph content if you set percentage under 100.

========= October 01 2020 =========

  • feat: You can insert javascript code into articles generated in article creator. It will automatically escape and eval the code so that it is spintax safe.