SEO Generator: When SEO matters

When SEO is what all that matters to you, discover how a software as useful as an SEO generator can help you build your business, conveniently and comfortably. An SEO generator builds fresh, unique, high-quality and niche-relevant articles for your back linking campaigns.

Whatever type of content is needed, whether it is commercial, educational, or informational, this day’s SEO generator is capable to produce just that. Much better if the software is priced less, for savings in money and resources from SEO content writers and agencies can be redirected somewhere else – servers, proxies and other hardware stuff.

How it works

The modern-day SEO generator has a friendly and easy-to-use interface. It can be operated with few mouse clicks and provides more options for tweaks. You can:

  • Input a keyword or a set of keywords
  • Indicate how many words the article should be
  • Set the spinning level
  • Specify your desired source of content

From the defined user settings, the SEO generator will then proceed to:

  1. Scrape content – just like how a human writer does his research, the SEO generator can refer to its own database of articles or to the massive information on the Web. For inputs with more than a single keyword, the software will scrape from thousands of articles from its rich sources.
  2. Spin – from the scraped content, the software will then spin it with its spinning mechanism and through the available synonyms in its huge database.
  3. Filters – the SEO generator removes unwanted stuff such as illegal characters, website links and encoded text.
  4. Build content – from the scraped material, the SEO generator will build content and applies Tier1 or Tier 2 when possible.

Harnessing the tool

Today’s business people face heaps of challenges and would love to have help from tools today’s technology has come up. In building their SEO campaigns, they have harnessed SEO generators and are impressed to be able to build their content in minutes.

Compared to human writers, SEO generator is insanely speedy in building content, scraping content from article sites with amazing speed and completing several campaigns in less than an hour. That is much savings when it comes to time, paving more room to enhance other aspects of the business.

Image courtesy of matt.searlesFlickr