How to use Big Content Search

SEO Content Machine comes pre-loaded with access to a variety of content sources.

  1. Scrape content via search engines
  2. Load content via files on your hard drive
  3. Download content from Article Builder
  4. Download content from Big Content Search

Today I will show you how to use Big Content Search.

What is Big Content Search?

Very simply its paid access to a large pool of PLR content. Eg content that has been written and is copyright free.


You can purchase PLR articles quite cheaply on the internet, however it's easier just to use a service like BCS which with one payment get access to a big library of PLR content instead.

BCS Inside SCM

First thing you do after you signup with BCS is to enter your email and API key into the 3rd party logins screen.


Once the settings are saved, you can use Big Content Search inside the Article Creator.

It is a selectable content source.

article creator big content search

What the article creator will do is use your article keywords and run a search inside the BCS library.

It will then download articles related to that keyword and use that to create new articles.

Be aware that BCS is a PLR library. It may or may not have content for every niche keyword. Sometimes you might have to broaden your keyword search.

This is not a problem because¬†you can always just insert your specific keyword into the content using the “Link Insertion” or “Custom Content” feature of the article creator.