Whats New

SEO Content Machine Changes April – June 2018



  1. Two new API methods. GetCustomSources and GetTemplates.


  1. Change url downloading batch size from 100 to 50 to lessen risk of errors.
  2. Make logger comments report link count at end of line.
  3. Handle out of memory errors when identifying article language.
  4. Optimizations to avoid likely hood of overflow errors.
  5. Unchecking all sources not updating selection in custom sources.SEO Content Machine
  6. Out of memory errors when downloading content leading to crash in SCM.dwnld arts
  7. Improved downloading speed of the Article Creator when getting articles online.
  8. Remove duplicate URLs when scraping.art creator dwnldg speed
  9. Crash on API if article creator was not run yet.art creator


New features

  1. About Me API added.
  2. Article Creator – force title caps on keywords when using %keyword% in custom titles.
  3. CustomSearchEngine:
    • can use multiple tokens in the URL to filter out unwanted links.
    • moved requests onto embedded chrome browser for better reliability.


  1. SCM blog browser slows down after browsing local files, this will still happen but a lot later down the line.
  2. Devtools missing error
  3. T1C freezing when using BING Cache sources.t1c bingcache
  4. Use internal Chrome browser to get Bingcache. Improves the reliability of the ezinearticle downloader.
  5. SCM UI unresponsive when loading articles in HTML editor.