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Weird or strange symbols at the end of your files?

A recent change to SCM has created some confusion, so today we will discuss the change and how it affects you.


When the article creator would write files to your hard drive, it would add a number so that each file was unique.


article (1).txt
article (2).txt


For a long time appending a number was a good solution. However there was a problem, as SCM starting writing 1000s of files, each time it was writing a file it would have to count from 0 up to the next available number in the series to make sure the filename was unique.

When you are writing article(32000).txt this would start adding seconds to each write time.

So a new solution was required to improve the write performance of SCM.


Instead of a sequential series of numbers SCM will now instead generate a unique 7 alphanumeric code that it will append to the end of the file.


For all intents and purposes, the Article Creator works the same as it always does.

The codes does not mean there is an error, only that SCM has switched to using codes to make sure each file is unique.

2 thoughts on “Weird or strange symbols at the end of your files?

  • Is this an alphanumeric code or a Hexidecimal 7 digit code? I ran a lot of content today and it looks like hex. I need to know because the mass page software I use will have to change to accomodate. Thanks

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