September 2022 Changelog

========= September 30 2022 =========
* fix: Don't show twitter window when using article creator

========= September 22 2022 =========
* fix: Tooltips on search selection showing up wrong in article creator.
* other: Re organized utility function buttons in settings menu.

========= September 20 2022 =========
* fix: Dynamic scraper don't show validation errors when hitting enter on URL box

========= September 18 2022 =========
* fix: on macosx the dynamic page scraper won't load picker when you click on show picker button.

========= September 14 2022 =========
* fix: Add a 90s timeout for each wordpress post operation to be completed.

========= September 13 2022 =========
* other: Display used translator in log
* fix: RSS scraper, don't exit with undefined error instead show warning message if there was problem access RSS feed item.
* fix: RSS scraper, display decoded URI to show chinese characters etc

========= September 10 2022 =========
* fix: Libre translate paid correctly passes your api key
* feat: Article creator, add insert image at start of article option.
* style: Dynamic scraper macro output preview window.

========= September 09 2022 =========
* feat: Dynamic scraper, element picker web view window is now full width to make it easier to find elements.
* feat: Dynamic scraper now has a HTML preview window next to original text only macro preview window.
* style: Make size of labels consistent across pages
* feat: Refresh sample button added to each element in dynamic scraper, this forces SCM to retrieve the new data that is loaded dynamically eg on page scroll.
* feat: Upgraded the element picker inside dynamic scraper, it should handle edge cases better eg Google Maps.
* fix: You need to click on [x] button to dismiss modals, clicking on dimmer will no longer close the modal.

========= September 06 2022 =========
* feat: In case of accidental task deletion, you now have 4 secs after deleting any task to restore it.
* fix: Stop same error popups from being displayed (also add close button to dismiss messages if they get stuck)

========= September 02 2022 =========
* feat: Search and news scraper, set max words of article to be downloaded.