Using RSS feeds for endless stream of content

RSS or Rich Site Syndication technology, which when used well, can turn a website into one that draws traffic, and generates cash.

What is RSS?

Online publishing has this technology called RSS, a file format like XML publishers use to have their content useable by others in a universally understood format. RSS lets publishers syndicate their content via a hyperlink distribution.

RSS has been around for a while, but its SEO benefits are not maximized; and search engines love RSS.

SEO experts believe that if the website is optimized around niches or themes, and all pages correspond to certain keywords and subject, it ranks better in search engines.

For instance, if the site is about technology, then all the contents should talk about gadgets, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. Google and other search engines love webpages which are tightly-themed.

While RSS feeds source from blogs and news feeds, one can use it to enhance the content of his site without having to write anything at all.

Just by using highly-targeted RSS feeds. Through it, one can have theme-based articles without writing them.

Why use RSS?

RSS feeds bait search engine spiders for three reasons:

They provide instant themed content: Many RSS feeds publishers have specific themes. As the feed is highly targeted, it could have keywords which the website owner wants to rank highly. The keywords from the feeds, when added to the pages help the page to be tagged by Google as a site with relevant content.

RSS feeds are updated and fresh content: RSS feeds from huge publishers are updated in a scheduled time. New article added to the feed drops the oldest article. Since this change sync with the pages having the feeds, the site has fresh content every hour or every day as well.

SE frequent visits: Adding RSS feed to the site results to frequent visits of Googlebot to the site. For the Googlebot, the page with an RSS feed is a good one, since it is updated every day. A frequently updated page is worth a daily visit on the SE’s judgment, which means the site is indexed more frequently and that any page added to the site will be picked up by the SEs much faster than the other sites.

Benefits of Getting Frequent Index

On the part of the website, it is best to be often indexed.

For the case of Google, it tends to index pages every beginning of the month. Those who miss that update will have to wait for the next month. It means any update or additional article on the site will not be seen.

On the other hand, being regularly indexed gives a site more advantage over the others as any of its additional content will show up in the search results right away.

How To Use RSS In SEO Content Machine?

Now you know the benefits of using RSS, learn exactly how to do this here.

Image courtesy of Rob McDonald Flickr