Auto image embedding

The article creator use to insert images using a full href to the image location.

Although this saves hard drive space, it does leave a footprint and its a direct reference to an external server.

Now in the newest update:

  • SCM will download the image, resize it and insert it as an image data url. 
  • Images are checked before inserting, so dead images are no longer inserted.
  • Images are stored inside your post so there is no longer any off site hotlinking.
  • Images disappearing, servers going down etc will no longer affect your uploaded posts.
  • Images are resized to between 250-300px wide automatically for you.

The disadvantage? Each image adds 10-20kb of text to your article. So expect 1 image insert to add about 100kb of spun HTML to the size of your articles.

HD space is cheap so I think this is a good compromise.

*You can turn this feature off*

Inside settings, just set insert image data url to 0.


Lets me know if this feature was helpful or not!