How to use Bing instead of Google

Using Google is a great source for content. Everyone uses it and the search results always produce very relevant content.

The downside? Google is very quick to spot and slow down attempts to download its search results. From testing, you can expect to get away with at least 30 searches an hour. So thats one search every 2 mins.

What happens if you search more than that? You get the dreaded Google re-captcha show up and it will cost you one captcha solving credit to solve it and move on.

You can change IP, run proxies etc however there is a limit to how many times you can hit Google search. Its obvious to Google if your traffic is automated, they probably know from years of being in business that no search user naturally stands in front of their brower and runs 100 searches an hour, thats a new search every 30 seconds or so.

There is an alternative… Bing.

It seems to have less restrictions and also returns usable and relevant content.

How to switch over to Bing

Here is how to change your default search engine inside SEO Content Machine.


Here is how you know it worked..

bing being used

Inside the task log, it will tell you its using Bing and also what country search results its also using.