How many times can I re-use the same spun article?

By creating a spun article you can re-use it a number of times before it is no longer unique. The more deeply spun it is the more you can use it. If I have an article of xxxx words that are spun at the word level/sentence level and or paragraph level how many times can…

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Auto essay generators help anyone who struggles in writing

Technology is advancing and someone is always finding new ways to replace human effort with automation. In the writing field, technology is starting to invade the space by inventing software and robots that will one day write articles automatically from just a keyword choice. Although nothing out today will write a decent article automatically by…

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Creating quality content from article generators

Most people think that article generators are purely for black hat SEO. Although they are certainly used that way, it is possible to use article generators and stay away from black hat SEO. It is (an unfortunate) but necessary evil that you create unique content for your websites. Creating articles will boost your search visibility,…

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Why SEO is finished and Search Content Marketing (SCM) is the future

Everyone knows about SEO. Everyone equates SEO to link building, lots of link building. But what is Search Content Marketing or SCM content? SCM is all about content. Content is a marketing tool and written for real users. SEO has always been about rankings and content was just a means to an end. Which is…

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How handy is an article downloader?

An article downloader is a piece of software that allows you to download online content to your hard drive. That content can be articles, blog posts or anything online really. With an article downloader you can save hundreds if not thousands of pages of content to your hard drive. Why use an article downloader? Armed…

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How to use trending keywords from a keyword content generator

keyword generator

Tired of thinking about what to write next for your blog post? If you own a business, write content or do online marketing; You want people to find your site Read your content and click on something The most important part is #2. (The most rewarding is part #3 and #1 won’t come without #2).…

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How to make automatic generated blog content that is fine with Google Adsense

How to make automatic generated blog content

Many bloggers would love to learn about how to make automatic generated blog content that does not violate the rules of Google Adsense. And who would not? No one wants to put their blogging efforts down the drain that easy.   Auto content generation tools You may have heard about auto content generation tools. They…

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