June 2020 Changelog

========= June 30 2020 =========

  • feat: Fallback to BING automatically if unable to download from Google.
  • fix: Unable to find channel videos in youtube downloader.
  • other: Rename insert subheadings to insert subheadings/table of contents
  • fix: Set local business type to ‘store’.
  • feat: Add local business json structured data to your articles.

========= June 29 2020 =========

  • feat: Proxies count added to settings
  • other: Error if unable to get any link results from Google in article creator instead of just warning.
  • fix: Correctly support keywords that are urls with http:// in it.

========= June 28 2020 =========

  • other: Article creator will spin everything it has scraped. It use to only spin what it needed, but now its up to the user to set an appropriate URL limit.

========= June 26 2020 =========

  • fix: Possible loss of data with db due to permissions error. Change db load location.
  • other: Default create article type to article html for all new article creator tasks.

========= June 25 2020 =========

  • fix: Archive org potential error with resolving images.
  • fix: Don’t throw error if unable to get any google results, instead it will move onto the next keyword.
  • other: More logging for captcha breaking process.
  • fix: Trim folder name to 67 chars when saving article creator cache, to support long keyword combinations.

========= June 24 2020 =========

  • feat: Delete all visible tasks added.
  • other: Add some additional placeholders for article creator content inserts.

========= June 22 2020 =========

  • feat: Insert google map embeds automatically at the end of articles.

========= June 20 2020 =========

  • fix: Tell deepl to treat all translation tasks as HTML

========= June 19 2020 =========

  • feat: Insert instagram posts.
  • fix: Unable to solve captcha if email had ‘+’ in it.
  • other: When you add a sentence using writing assistant it will add extra lines for you automatically.
  • fix: Don’t remove non unicode characters when generating auto tags
  • feat: Ability in article creator to customize the Youtube search string. Eg %keyword% macro. You can force search to be something + keyword as a result.
  • fix: Remove extra space at end of filename for first keyword filename article written.

========= June 18 2020 =========

  • other: Optimized all languages so most non english selections will still return content for the article creator to use.
  • fix: Allow article creator to correctly process thai language articles.

========= June 16 2020 =========

  • fix: Upload poster wasn’t correct saving the post-list partial leading to all retry attempts failing and starting from the beginning again.

========= June 15 2020 =========

  • other: Allow maximum wait time of 60 mins for the Google downloader to finish. If it takes longer than that the task will be forcible closed.

========= June 14 2020 =========

  • fix: Link paragraph insert now correctly responds to the link to and from value.
  • feat: Link insert counts to – from upgraded so that 1 article will dynamically spin and show the required number of links. It was pre-decided in previous versions, this in no longer the case.
  • fix: Link insertion counts work correctly with article variations greater than 1
  • feat: Inserting links to top, bottom and as paragraph will no longer be affected by the paragraph variations attribute.

========= June 12 2020 =========

  • feat: Add video link to twitter insert tutorial.
  • fix: Correctly center twitter embeds in the article.
  • fix: If you don’t change default filename, it will keep the original setting of outputting (%number%) silently as it always did togther with the over-write file setting.
  • feat: You can customize the TOC heading.
  • fix: Twitter embeds are working again.

========= June 11 2020 =========

  • feat: Increase max paragraph variations to 30 in article creator.
  • feat: Color green any toggled accordion, and color grey any that haven’t been activated to make it easier to scroll through and see what has been enabled or not.
  • feat: Removed the ‘save as unique files’ toggle from article creator file settings tab and replaced it with 2 file macros %number% and %random_number%. If you’re task starts overwriting files over itself, you might have to add the above macro.
  • fix: %keyword-title% being deprecated in favour of %keyword_title%, to make it same as template file macros using _.
  • other: Only shuffle paragraph content items when generating articles as needed. Other content items will be used sequentially.
  • feat: Correctly use titles one at a time in order when used to generate articles so that the title is as unique as possible. Also if you use %title% filename macro you wont get duplicates unless there isn’t enough titles available.
  • feat: Added a shortcut to %project_folder%, clicking on the label in help section for article creator will replace job output path with the macro.
  • fix:Incorrect subheading links format.
  • fix: Forgot to sanitize filenames using title macro
  • feat: Give count of custom subtitles and custom titles. Also add remove duplicates button to help you clean up your content.
  • feat: Added a bunch of icons to the article creator interface to make it easier to visually discern the feature of a button without reading the text.
  • feat: Remove blank titles from custom subheadings/titles files.
  • fix: Typo in youtube insert section.
  • fix: etimedout errors contacting captcha service.

========= June 10 2020 =========

  • fix: Type causing captcha solving to fail.
  • feat: Title case all subtitles and titles.
  • fix: Ignore overly long sub headings from being downloaded.
  • fix: Keep order of subheadings when a TOC is inserted
  • feat: Insert a table of contents, when using insert subheading inside article creator.
  • other: TBS now uses max 5 syns instead of default 3.

========= June 08 2020 =========

  • feat: GSA SER template will write to a folder names ‘project data’ so its more obvious what it contains.
  • fix: Article preview would error if %macro% codes was used in article creator.
  • fix: Open to folder correctly handles macro codes inside output path when used in article creator.
  • fix: SCM crashing when importing settings.
  • fix: Wait 360 for captcha to resolve before a timeout and next retry.

========= June 07 2020 =========

  • feat: Regex content replacer preserves all spaces. It won’t trim empty spaces after the last word anymore.

========= June 06 2020 =========

  • fix: Infinite loop in scheduler if url filter task was run using ‘retrieve urls’ button.
  • fix: Running url finder inside article creator would make it run twice.
  • fix: Url finder and google finder tools not starting due to failure.
  • fix: Throw error if the google recaptcha page is missing required form elements.

========= June 05 2020 =========

  • fix: Google scraper not returning links even though no captcha was present. Add some additional debug so at least tasks will error instead of continuing.

========= June 04 2020 =========

  • fix: Add extra retries for captcha service.
  • fix: Unable to create new article jobs.
  • fix: Scheduled tasks would not run if the lock time was greater than 10 mins ago.
  • fix: fix DNS routing so that long captcha solving times don’t fail.

========= June 02 2020 =========

  • feat: Show capture of google search after captcha submission.

========= June 01 2020 =========

  • fix: Google recaptcha solving was failing due to updates by Google. This has been solved now.