How to insert linked lists as one spun group

If you fill out urls and keyword box like this, with no extra options selected. SCM will spin all keywords and urls together to make one link.


The resulting output looks like this. Its just all urls and all keywords spun together randomly.

image 22

How to match urls with keywords

What happens though if you need url a,b and c to match their own keywords?

ie a – 1, b – 2 and c – 3

Just enable the ‘Lock url + keyword on same line’ option

image 17

Now when you insert a link, SCM will keep each url and pair it with the keyword on the same line position.

Now you can insert multiple different links at the same time and make sure they have the correct link text.

When you enable the ‘linked list’ SCM will go one at a time down the list to insert your links.

eg If you insert 3 links, they are used sequentially one at a time so that you don’t have duplicated links.

image 18

See how with 3 links, each one is only used once. There are no duplicates. This rotation ensures all your unique links are being used up.

If you check the source, each link is unique and not spun. So it will always be the same.

image 19

What about if you want to combine all links together so that its always randomized each time you use the article?

How to keep linked lists randomized

If you want to make each article uses a random link instead, you need to enable the option ‘Insert all links as one spun group’

image 20

If you check out the article source of this option now…

image 21 edited

Each link is locked to its own keyword and also now all links are being used as one big spun group.

Everytime you use this spun article a different link will be selected!