How to manually update your blog settings via windows explorer

Sometimes you it maybe necessary to change some blog settings outside the SCM program.

Eg. You need to update passwords for a bunch of blogs quickly while offline.

How to find your blog settings files

All your blog content and settings are located on your hard drive.

Select the blog in the blog explorer, then right click and “Open In Explorer”


Once you are in windows explorer just open the folder for your blog to see the _profile.ini.

profile ini

Just double click on the file to start editing the contents.

ini settings

How to back up / move blogs to another computer

This is super easy, as all the settings and content is located in the folder, you just have to copy paste this to the same location in another SCM install.

SCM data folder

Your SCM data folder is location in the AppData\Roaming folder.

All blog data is stored under the content folder.

All templates is stored in the template folder.

A super quick way to find the SCM data folder is to click on the button in the task ribbon tab.

Data folder location