How to refresh stale old content

If you have content on your blog that is getting on a bit and needs a quick refresh, SEO Content Machine can help.

There is a couple of different ways you can turn that old article into something new for both readers and Search Engines.

Just copy the article into the Tier 1 content writer tool and hack away at it.

Here are methods:

  1. Re-write the article using a spinner.
    A cheeky yet super simple way to re-jig the content on your site is to use an automated spinner article re-writer. All you need todo is read over the re-write and edit and fix up re-writing errors.
  2. Add images/videos to the article.
    insert mediaUnder the insert ribbon tab is a bunch of tools to help you find and insert links to images and videos.
  3. Add more content to your article
    snippet finder
    Finding and adding more related content to any existing article is super easy if you use the tier 1 content tool. It does the hard work of finding, downloading and filtering hundreds of online articles to give you snippets of text you can rewrite and reference in your article.
  4. Re-mix it
    If your content was primarily from PLR articles, you will know that most of the paragraphs are pretty stand alone and don’t refer to content below or above it. You can use this property to break down a folder of PLR articles into just paragraphs and re-combine them randomly into new articles.