How to use infographics in link building?

Infographics has a lot more than just graphics and images. It is one of the most shared content online. People have great time viewing infographics for there are so much information it can offer. Since infographic design provides a visual representation of the information in a blog post, it gained a lot of views and shares in social media.

In this digital world today where social media is very popular among people who use this as a major means of communication, infographics is one element to get a fast sharing content. Because it grows easily among social media marketers, it is best to use in link building.

Infographics is considered to be one of the SEO important elements. With its attractive designs, colors and icons, people are easily catch by its engaging content with meaningful message. It also attracts backlinks from high quality sites.

After you make a creative infographics, you can share it to your site and get noticed. This is one of a good SEO strategy to promote content. With the power of social media, you can share it with links to your website and gain viewers.

Infographics in Link Building

How to build links with infographics?

Brainstorm your ideas

Post the infographics on site

Use social media

Pull out the big names of Industry

Send emails