[NEXT] Sep 2019 Change log

New Features

  • Filter URLs visually in both Article Creator and using the new URL Downloader tool. (9c770c34)
  • Randomly select 25 generic anchor texts when creating new link. (c214677d)
  • Sort all tasks by last run time by default. (c506f1aa)
  • Fix table head in all task lists, if you scroll down you can still change sort order. (7855a11e)
  • By default the article creator sets output path to %project_folder% which is the user data content_cache folder. This means if you move your NEXT install, the output folder won’t cause the task to break if it is missing. (09551294)
  • NEXT saves only the filename of the selected template, instead of using the fullpath. If you change usernames or move NEXT files it will continue to function without having to re-select the template. (7e496a6e)
  • Cleaned up answers found in Google by removing dates, dots and unwanted text. (9e362a16)
  • Article downloader returns full outer html of selection. You can also specify child tags to remove. (ee10806a)
  • Add edit button to URL filebox in Article Downloader. (19551d49)
  • Added ‘read changes’ menu item that displays the (28642b5e)
  • Added ability to generate automatically. (936aefbf)

Bug Fixes

  • Custom content not correctly loading previous insert to and from values. (7470e22d)
  • Unable to browse to folder output location in article creator (e4b184f8)
  • Template editor wasn’t able to load and read files. (002823d5)
  • Url finder displays default list name if missing. Fix problem with tasks not getting saved. (bdd21320)
  • Tooltips not appearing over fixed table headers (1bdbda6b)
  • NEXT was crashing if trying to run older tasks with corrupted custom content data. It will try to ignore it instead. (a6895389)
  • Writing assistant will show error message if content files are missing. (f4243d44)
  • Update internal styles to fix display error with form validators. (a071586b)
  • Correctly detect links in Google search results for other languages. (3129a77d)
  • Google downloader will cause task to stop and display error if unable to parse links properly. (01192eeb)
  • Open youtube links in system browser instead of inside SCM window as youtube would error and refuse to play video. (b7b9b048)
  • Update wasn’t correctly parsing and comparing version numbers leading to missed updates. (a4a5c40e)
  • Version number wasn’t correctly calculating build time minutes. (776c42ed)
  • Error message when restarting app after update has been remove. (97414aa4)
  • Log messages from other tasks was incorrectly written into Article Creator logs. (f32c2e54)
  • Preview article textarea is now slightly taller. (8f8138ac)
  • Write article was downloading Google results twice resulting in an error. (f48d4a1e)

Other Changes

  • On some windows, elements use their own scroll bar instead of relying on window scrolling. This other elements to retain their position on screen without scrolling out of view. (d0ab6d72)
  • Rewritten verbose text labels (aba56234)
  • Spinner will stop and throw an error if the returned spintax from your selected spinner service is invalid. (8c7ffa63)
  • correctly mark url downloader as alpha meaning non functioning (a2408025)

Performance Improvements

  • Improved the way NEXT detects changes in running tasks when deciding if to update the UI or not. (32943771)


  • Remove un needed libraries. (3016cc4f)
  • Writing assistant re-using same code that article creator does for downloading content. (91df049a)
  • Rename internal method names to start with lower case. (1d99f5e3)
  • Remove unused libraries from app. (9b3a772c)

Code Style Changes

  • Remove all box radius and box shadows to improve legibility. (40b515b6)
  • Collapse keyword or keyword file selection radio into 1 line. (fc25a51a)
  • Rename left sidebar menu items to use action verbs. (086c2682)