October 2023 Changelog

========= October 30 2023 =========

  • fix: Don't use animations when toggling on/off features. Fix UI not matching on off switch.
  • feat: Article creator, convenience toggle to disable search content scraping.
  • fix: Youtube/Google Maps links in menu both active.
  • feat: Article creator can download AF articles and add content to them.
  • fix: Refactor code that decides if the image scraper module inside article creator needs to run or not.
  • other: Remove unwanted logging from image url to base64 functions.
  • fix: Rename internal variable inside do ai write.
  • fix: Throw error if trying to insert content into non array paragraphs.

========= October 28 2023 =========

  • feat: Import multiple project task files at a time.
  • fix: Better image scraping in article creator, less likely to insert garbled and missing images.

========= October 27 2023 =========

  • feat: Press ctrl-r to reload SCM at anything without restarting the app

========= October 26 2023 =========

  • fix: Adding new template in ai writer didn't re-enable save button if it was disabled. Unable to save changes to your ai template.

========= October 24 2023 =========

  • other: Article creator, warn if search results is 0 when calculating article count.

========= October 21 2023 =========

  • feat: Article creator ai prompt template save and loading.

========= October 20 2023 =========

  • feat: Allow using spintax symbols inside article creator prompts.
  • fix: Article creator changing prompt dropdown will correctly save new prompt to data.
  • feat: Warn if not content prompts in article creator detected.
  • feat: Add, remove and edit AI prompt templates for the Article Creator.

========= October 18 2023 =========

  • other: Article creator, article forge (titles/paragraphs) moved from keyword tab into custom content tab.

========= October 16 2023 =========

  • feat: Article creator bulk import, disable import button once clicked and add progress counter.

========= October 12 2023 =========

  • fix: Crash if trying to edit ai prompt when drop down is empty.

========= October 11 2023 =========

  • fix: SCM paraphraser gateway errors. Lots of warnings, more stable now.

========= October 10 2023 =========

  • other: Log paraphraser original text that could not be processed.

========= October 07 2023 =========

  • fix: Correctly update retry count on spinner error.
  • fix: Remove spinea as its no longer available.
  • feat: Article creator, only copy image to output folder if it was used as an insert in article etc.
  • feat: Restart SCM button added to error display window

========= October 06 2023 =========

  • other: login text update.
  • feat: Add db recovery option to any startup database read errors.