Put your blog in auto-pilot mode with an automated blog content generator

Sitting down to manually write and update a blog regularly is not that exciting.

In fact, it is excruciating, as it requires a lot of time.

Time to not only create content, but to edit, proofread and THEN publish your content.

What is a blog?

For those who wonder what a blog is, it is your own personal space on the web.

Coming from the term “weblog,” where the owner writes entries that discuss things in a conversational way.

A blog can be single- or multi-authored.

The blog owner, or the blogger, can post on his blog whatever is on his mind, though blogs usually have single niches.

The problem

You only have 24 hours in a day.

Bloggers always wonder how they can cope up with the draining task of updating their blog.

The dark side

The obvious solution is to find and use automated content generators to create your blog posts.

There are many out there.

You can take any RSS feed, spin it and automatically post it on your blog for free, self-updating blog.

With them, bloggers no longer need to put in much time to create, proofread and post.

Sounds awesome!

In short you found a way to create a blog that can generate automatic content by themselves.

You just put your blog on auto-pilot mode.

Ie an auto-blog.

The downsides

The reasoning is solid.

Everyone is busy.

Hence, adding quality content to blogs can be easily neglected.

Before long, bloggers will see their blogs becoming stale as search engines check on their blogs less frequently. Their webpage become less interesting and gets lesser number of visitors.

An automated blog content generator can help a lot.

It is a blogger’s best friend? Isn’t it?

Not quite.

Google loves to ban auto-blogs (de-index them)

Even auto-posting amazon products on a set schedule runs dangerously close to what looks like an “auto-blog.”

Get de-indexed by Google and your site no longer shows up in the SERPs.

Cry as your traffic drops to ZERO in a day.

How does Google know?

Know one really knows how Google knows.

That’s how they keep you on your toes.

However, content that appears on a set schedule at the same time each day is a dead giveaway.

So are certain WordPress plugins that leave footprints!

Are Auto blogs dead?

Not exactly.

News sites that syndicate the same content across networks are technically “auto-blogs” but they are indexed by Google.

If you are a new site with ZERO trust, then you must demonstrate trust by reigning in on how many posts you create a day etc.

Legitimate auto-blogs?

Sure is.

Nothing to stop you from writing up 1 years worth of content and pre-scheduling it to drip feed slowly.

Every week a new post or something.

The keyword must be “quality” content.

You must produce content, which is not the usual trashy auto generated stuff that screams SPAM.

The reason why auto blogs are de-indexed is cause SE consider it spam.

How about creating quality content, and using automated blog content generators to schedule those posts to go live for you?

Want to test if your auto blog content is safe?

Post your content on a new site and wait 1 week. If the blog hasn’t been removed… congratulations!

Content ideas

For almost auto-pilot blogging try the following ideas:

  • Curate RSS content
  • Share interesting images on your blog with a simple caption
  • Find interesting piece of content, re-write it and include a link back (original source)
  • Re-write some PLR content

If you have a store of usable content but want a solid way to drip feed that to your blog all from one program and one location, why not try SCM blog management tools?

We have a free trial too!

Image courtesy of the Italian voice – Flickr