SEO mistakes that can penalize you


Have you been doing the SEO rules for your website? Did you follow all the steps that will make your business show on Google? After all those things, have you ever noticed that your business is still not rank? Perhaps you might have doing some mistakes which Google doesn’t allow and not helping your site to increase traffic.


Copying an exact page is being penalized by Google. Your content shows no originality once you copied even just few lines of text from ranking pages and is not being crawled by search engines. Good quality and unique content always prioritized by search engines so it is important that your blog contains main keyword.

Incorrect redirects

Some links are misleading your page by redirecting users to other ranking pages. If you are doing this, make sure to lead your users to relevant pages or use the nofollow link in your content.

Shady link building methods

One of the reasons why new businesses aren’t ranking well is the use of backlinks. Building backlinks takes time and most of the business owners can’t wait to see their businesses on Google’s search engine results. They tend to buy backlinks which can make their website shown in Google really fast. However, that idea is not being allowed.

Keyword stuffing

Avoid the use of too much keywords in your article. Make it atleast 20 keywords enough to understand what your content is all about. Putting a huge amount of keywords in your content attracts Google to penalized you.

Duplicate metadata

Make your metadata unique and different for every page you publish. Your metadata description are the most important part of your content in SERPs which people can see and click. If your metadata are all the same, your viewers cannot distingusih which ones they will visit that will give the information they need. Do not make your audience confuse.