September 2020 Changes

========= September 29 2020 =========

  • feat: Topic filtering applies to both headings and questions in the writing assistant.
  • fix: Missing spintax output selection in some tasks.
  • fix: Incorrectly reporting license as expired if you purchased 5000 captcha pack.

========= September 28 2020 =========

  • other: Removed question start/end tags from QnA module as its no longer required.
  • fix: Styling options for TOC has been reset to avoid style tag as it broke when viewed in spinners. You might have to re-style if you had any customizations here.
  • fix: Render css more accruately in article preview window.
  • feat: QnA inserts have full customization options available. You can change the insert string so that the qna is formatted in any way you want.
  • fix: Reset css styles to default inside article html preview window.

========= September 26 2020 =========

  • fix: Insert HTML not finding code if you didn’t edit the percent chance first.
  • feat: insert raw html inserts randomly into your article.

========= September 25 2020 =========

  • other: Add back link to Basic-Auth inside blog browser.
  • other: Delete temp csv files when creating master.
  • fix: Article output type moved to own segment just for article creator (as spintax can exist outside of using rewriter)

========= September 22 2020 =========

  • other: Add –proxy-server=socks5://ip:port as example in proxy area.
  • feat: Writing assistant keyword limit changed from 5 to 10.

========= September 17 2020 =========

  • fix: Wait for files to be written to hd before continuing in the article creator.

========= September 16 2020 =========

  • feat: You can customize video embed string in video scraper.
  • other: Add some tooltips for the article creator generate article sliders.
  • other: Default image size increased from 250 -> 400
  • other: Move the spintax output selector to inside spinner selection segment where it makes more sense.

========= September 14 2020 =========

  • feat: If you are creating .csv file scm will automatically escape quotes with double quotes in any content generated from <%-body()-%>
  • feat: Added new article csv template, for those that want to import to google spreadsheets etc.
  • feat: Ability to combine all content from multiple articles into one single master article via template property ‘write content to one file’.

========= September 11 2020 =========

  • fix: Ignore empty log messages/
  • fix: Don’t start a job multiple times when starting all jobs at once.
  • perf: Queue multiple tasks for starting faster.

========= September 10 2020 =========

  • feat: Add export article button to writing assistant.
  • other: Tweaked content filter to remove references to wiki footers and cookies.
  • fix: Process subheadings with line breaks in them properly.

========= September 09 2020 =========

  • feat: Remember the search keyword for both image/video scraper module.
  • feat: Article creator has ‘scrape video’ button for easy access to video scraper under ‘use own video’ section in insert video content.

========= September 08 2020 =========

  • fix: Google results scraper was broken due to style changes in the search engine results.
  • feat: Add youtube embed scraper.
  • feat: Return more youtube results.

========= September 06 2020 =========

  • feat: Ability to open image scraper within article creator. Under insert images > custom images there is button to scrape images.

========= September 05 2020 =========

  • other: Print screenshot of google errors.

========= September 04 2020 =========

  • other: Take a screenshot if Google scraper was unable to find any links.
  • feat: Image scraper tool added

========= September 01 2020 =========

  • other: In the Article creator if map code string is missing %query% it will re-write the string if you press the ‘update map preview’ button.
  • fix: Update to Google maps embed code. The map embed code is treated as a dynamic ‘string’ with %query% macro written at run time based on your location search value. Previously it was hard coded map location values. The map has been relabel as preview map with ‘preview button’.
  • fix: Spin rewriter updated API calls to turn off potentially unsupported spintax.
  • feat: Run or save in post uploader. Added ability to also change task name. Folder browser has been relocated as well.
  • fix: Postuploader error if selected articles had no title.
  • style: Center text in date picker for post uploader.