September 2021 Changelog

========= September 30 2021 =========

  • fix: Post uploader wasn’t showing imported articles even after you selected a blog. You had to force a refresh by changing posting date or itnerval.
  • other: Max retry and wait time for search engines settings have been renamed and relocated to search engines section in settings menu. This is will reset any previous settings you did under the article creator section.
  • feat: You can set number of additional QnA to dig for in settings for Google.
  • fix: Google QnA returning qna that didn’t match each other.

========= September 29 2021 =========

  • feat: Highlight in orange emails that will be sent immediately in email poster import table.
  • style: Post emailer log reworked to show why an email was sent and if not sent how long it will wait before sending a post in hours.
  • other: Warn about all emails being sent at once if you select a post start date that begins in the past when using email poster.
  • feat: In post uploader import preview table, show the blog url that a post will be assigned to.
  • other: SCM paraphraser renamed to AI paraphraser.

========= September 28 2021 =========

  • fix: Wait 1s->2s between clicking each question and answer pair when using Google to give it more time to load.
  • other: Leave a link in the article creator > inserts > images, to a plugin you can use for auto featured images in WordPress.
  • feat: Article creator search engine retry limit and retry wait time added as options to settings. Now you can tell SCM how many times to try each proxy and how long to wait between each retry.
  • fix: Insert QnA will only max number of available items per Insert QNA template code. If you use content inserts, it will only insert the available, instead of duplicating.

========= September 25 2021 =========

  • feat: Add cron builder link above ‘clear’ button in article creator.
  • other: CSV mail merge renamed to CSV template merge.
  • other: Change icon of post uploader from green folder, to green icon to indicate its linking to permalinks location.

========= September 24 2021 =========

  • style: Change blog selected color in selection modal to orange so its easier to read black text.
  • feat: Add labels to each column heading inside wp post import window.
  • feat: Warn if adding WP blog url without http(s)
  • feat: SCM will attempt to solve captchas by viewing them through your proxies for better solve rates.
  • fix: Article variables not using resolving spintax if selected as ‘no spintax’
  • feat: Post uploader import window will display what email address a post is assigned to, making the preview window more accurate.
  • feat: Emailer poster task logs also the email the post is expected to send to.
  • fix: Backup not including the post by email destinations.
  • other: Rename backup buttons to indicate more clearly what they do.

========= September 15 2021 =========

  • fix: Email poster restarting after successful run.
  • feat: Show paraphraser credits in menu

========= September 14 2021 =========

  • feat: Add API call ‘project/status/:id’
  • feat: You can wait secs between each email sent using post by email. See settings menu.
  • feat: Add error checking to all projects api call.