What are the secrets of SEO link building you’ve never knew?

SEO link
SEO link building

SEO link building is an off page strategy which has a huge role in Google's results page. Links act as a ranking factor to increase organic traffic to your blog. However, the website should follow standards of on page SEO guidelines.

Therefore keyword research still has the power to achieve the great position in SERPs. Here we discuss how SEMRush tool works for better SEO link building.

Replicating competitors' backlinks

The best way of SEO link building is analyzing and replicating backlinks to your competitors' sites

Attracting natural backlinks

What's best for SEO are the natural editorial backlinks from relevant high quality domains.

Testimonial link building

Industry and social media influencers may leverage the power of testimonials to build some high authority backlinks

Infographics link building

Create attractive infographics  through interesting images and launch a link for campaign

Moving man method

Reach out to web masters for link replacement where the business sites are rebranding their products or shutdown permanently.

Broken link building

Broken link building refers to finding and claiming dead links with a content replacement.

Expired domains link building

Use 301 redirects or report to webmasters regarding the replacement of links pointing to the expired domain.

Resource page link building

Find the high-quality resource pages and ask the site owner for the link inclusion.

Guest posting

Build relationships, contribute a valuable guest post, and request for a link insertion if possible.

Affiliate link building

Make an affiliate link program for the products to sell on website and get a bunch of backlinks from authoritative sites.

Free product creation

To get natural backlinks build a free product that solves the biggest problem of targeted people.

Event link building

Sponsor or talk to a large audience from an event and see how many links you get.

Link reclamation

It's the process of finding and reclaiming the lost/broken links which were pointing to your website previously.