Building backlinks really quick

Do you want to build links? You would say, of course. Your website must have enough links in order to increase volume of traffic into it. But how would you start with link building?

Most SEO efforts suggest creating content as the most effective strategy. It is easy to write content especially if you know what you will write and to whom you will create your post. It’s like building links that you should know where to link and link back on you.

Sometimes, creating a great blog content won’t guarantee you of gaining more traffic. You can have your post as long as you want with a very nice content. However people may not easily find your page.

I discovered during my search on google, Ubersuggest can help you find your top competitors. This is a good chance of finding who your competitors are and what keywords they are using that make them rank. You can also know the backlink that they have in their website. That way you will discover the quality links of top pages in google which you can also use in your content.