What are the killer link building strategies for 2019?

Link building is one of the most important strategies in SEO. It has a big role in ranking your sites in SERPs. Backlinks helps your website attracts more traffic by linking to high quality web pages.

Below are some of the techniques you need to learn in order to achieve the best ranking for your website.

Build high probability link channels. You are targeting top blogs to link to you when you are creating your content. Sometimes you even reach out to them and offer what you have for free in return of some reviews for your site.

Letting people know your product and give them what they expect from it will create a good link building relationship among bloggers. WP is Life once reviewed the SEO Content Machine tool and it has linked to it which make the blog easier to access the sales page by other people who are  looking for an article creator. 

Another one is stealing competitor backlinks with the RLR Framework. You are not the only person who is doing a backlink technique. In fact, most of the websites that are on top of SERPs are doing this.

You should find who your competitors are, and from there, you would know why they are on top of Google. Interesting, right?

Here’s the main process:

  1. Research the competition – find similar blogs or pages in your niche with a bunch of links
  2. Figure out how your competitors build links – you can visit their post and find out where they link most
  3. Steal their techniques – when you found out your competitors backlinks, you can start doing this strategy as well.