How to insert images at exact paragraph locations

When using the Article Creator you can choose exactly where image are inserted based on paragraph locations.

The UI has been updated as so.


The image count has been renamed to insert ‘random image’.

The checkbox now clearly says it will insert 1 image at the start.

Inserting images after a paragraph location

Now we have new property that lets you indicate what paragraph locations an image should occur in.

You indicate the paragraph number AFTER that you want image to be inserted.

Each value is comma separated to make a list.

Eg: If you want an image to be placed after the 1st paragraph, you enter 1

If you want an image after the 3rd paragraph, you enter 3.

If you want image after 2 and 4. You enter 2,4

You can enter 0 to make an image appear at the very start.

Example of of 0,1

image 26
image 25