How to keep SEO Content Machine running 24×7

If you want to keep SEO Content Machine running 24×7 there are a couple of things you can do to make it more stable.

Here is a dot point list.

  • Leave scheduler threads at 1. FACT: SEO Content Machine is already multi-threaded, there is very limited speed gains achieved by adjusting this value. If you don’t know about this setting, don’t worry about it.
  • If you need to download a lot of content, you should load a list of keywords via the “Keyword from file” option in the article creator.
    SEO The great thing about this feature is that even if the task crashes and dies, when you re-run it it will intelligently skip over keywords that have been processed already.
  • There is a .NET incompatibility with our browser technology (.NET windows problem). We are looking to re-code that bit. In the mean time, SCM will continue to actually run and finish in the background even though the UI becomes locked and a .NET error message box is visible. This problem is most noticeable on any VPS remote desktop install.
  • Use an auto-restart program. There are many applications that can monitor SCM in the background and restart it if crashes or the UI freezes.
    1. Application Monitor
      app moitor
    2. Restart On Crash
    3. Process Alive

Don’t forget to always report all and any crash to us so we can fix them at our vote and support site.