March 2020 Changelog

New Features March 2020

  • New article creator settings interface for controlling how much content you will download and how it is used. More clearly understand the relationship between important settings and how it affects the final unique article count. (633d5db6)
  • Moved url limit box back to front page of article creator, renamed article count to article file limit (to more correctly reflect what it does). Also moved paragraph variations up and also stuck spintax yes/no selection next to template selector. (ec1a5fa0)
  • One button click import of scm-backups (ca184571)
  • Proper rotating proxy support for all Google download requests. (704f484d)
  • Proper rotating proxy support for all Google download requests. (b96acc18)
  • Tooltips for all task rows appear in the lower right hand corner. (b547a1fc)
  • Save files in article preview with default .txt extension (22a24013)
  • You can use CSS to select or remove tags when using Google scraper. (fb0414f0)
  • Warn user if no article keywords are provided in article creator. (e201c25d)
Bug Fixes
  • Article creator will strictly try to download at least the min url requested, instead of counting failed urls. (7b0371cf)
  • Apply vertical align middle to keep labels centered perfectly. (ac0b9e28)
  • Can select and unselect terms properly again in article writing. (d36f9e9a)
  • Not correctly handling Google errors across tasks. (d74703c6)
Other Changes
  • Writing assistant must have keywords before task is allowed to save. (5e0fe7d3)
  • Ensure that you enter keywords into google scraper task before letting you save. (ea68e5e2)
  • Add icon for external links so its easier to see on the page. (492c200b)
  • Don't report google wait times if it is 0 (a4265b45)
  • Article downloader will use textbox instead of file on your computer to load urls. Please re-edit all older tasks. (3a18d3d0)
Code Style Changes
  • Revamped ui of the article downloader to make it easier to use. (ce5c1a34)