October 2021 Changelog

========= October 29 2021 =========
* style: Standardized widths off all task columns

========= October 28 2021 =========
* feat: thesaurus parameter added to xspinner api settings.
* feat: Doubled number of searches when using the youtube scraper tool for more results.
* feat: Copy youtube urls only in video scraper.
* feat: Youtube scraper now shows the title of video under thumbnail.

========= October 26 2021 =========
* fix: Don't create empty lines if sentence can't be found when using writing assistant suggest article feature.

========= October 25 2021 =========
* fix: Output spintax type now appears as its own setting outside spinner toggle box.
* other: Refactor scm paraphraser ai to use native node http instead of request.

========= October 24 2021 =========
* fix: Writing assistant editor not wrapping text.

========= October 22 2021 =========
* style: Fix size of next/last time date columns in tasks to give more room for taskname.
* style: Adjusted font sizes of app
* fix: Content spiffer will apply spinner to your article content.

========= October 21 2021 =========
* fix: Writing assistant error 'replace' undefined stopping results from loading.

========= October 20 2021 =========
* fix: Article creator insert contextual (replace word) links only using the first url when inserting link. Now it will use all available urls.
* fix: File textbox would cause crash if you clicked on the main menu before a task could complete loading.
* other: Adding warning message about cloning templates that are read only.

========= October 19 2021 =========
* feat: Get sent a complete or error notification email whenever an article creator task is run by SCM.
* fix: Don't show orange warning message if loading a draft email poster.
* feat: Add bulk email address import into email poster.

========= October 17 2021 =========
* fix: SCM wasn't saving the location of your Google translate json file.
* feat: Added macro %count% to article creator bulk import tool so you know how many keywords was added to that task by SCM.
* feat: Bulk keyword import tool, you can set random import keyword count range. This will randomly distribute keywords.
* feat: Word ai quality option added to settings.

========= October 16 2021 =========
* feat: Setting url results to 0 in article creator won't cause task to end early with 'no content' message. You can scrape just qna without having to worry about using search results.

========= October 14 2021 =========
* fix: SCM not cleaning up used browsers.

========= October 12 2021 =========
* fix: Change internal useragent to allow Google logins
* fix: Post emailer not going through all emails.

========= October 09 2021 =========
* other: Increase size of Google error screenshots
* fix: Cookies not printing when using captcha solver
* other: Debug code for tracing QnA runs

========= October 08 2021 =========
* other: Leave a link to youtube video on how to create qna articles using SCM.
* fix: Shuffle order of QnA so that its not same order all the time.
* feat: Add help link to 'clear content cache' button in settings menu.
* fix: Don't show warning folder is empty when creating new email poster.

========= October 07 2021 =========
* other: Tweak content filter to remove text referring to cookies and standard affiliate link disclaimers.
* feat: Print out the number of found *.txt files when using the bulk translate and spin tool.

========= October 06 2021 =========
* fix: Ignore SSL errors with wordpress xml posting.
* fix: Ignore certificate errors with word ai

========= October 04 2021 =========
* style: Compress layout of image scraper so more room is left for image display.
* feat: Image scraper upgrade. You can search multiple keywords, select sources and limit image results.